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Wake Up, Neo!


“All the world’s a stage”
– William Shakespeare


We’ve been duped. We’ve been sold a lie so large and complete that truth has been relegated to an alternate reality. It exists at a higher frequency and becomes visible only to those who actively seek it. To find it is to understand everything we know is wrong.

Planet Earth has been hijacked and enslaved. The human race is literally being farmed by a parasitical oligarchy who consider themselves our owners. We live and we die by their rules, rules that apply only to us and are designed to keep us trapped within a perpetual state of dependence and servitude.

We are free range, domesticated farm animals branded by flag, country and religion, and penned within militarily secured borders. Reminiscent of Nazi Germany, the US now has armed checkpointsscattered nationwide within one hundred miles of those borders, where approximately two thirds of its population resides. Hundreds of FEMA concentration camps have sprung up across the landscape complete with guard towers, barbed wire fences, torture and psychological programming facilities.

We are no longer free to travel, attend a sporting event or concert without threat of being detained, interrogated and searched bygovernment enforcers who’ve been deluded to believe their costumes and badges come possessed of a higher moral authority, magically granting a divine right to violate others on behalf of their criminal masters. Our everyday movements and activities are becoming increasingly surveilled, analyzed and restricted. The Eye of Sauron is ever vigilant.

It has become illegal to participate in such victimless “crimes” as feeding the homelesshomeschooling your childrencollecting rainwatergrowing your own food, and using natural medicinesproven to prevent or cure deadly illnesses. Such scurrilous activities can be punishable by imprisonment, large fines,confiscation of property including vehicles, homes and even our children who are deemed State owned through the birth certificate deception. CPS workers are literally paid quota bonuses forremoving children from their homes and families.




Despite all evidence to the contrary most of us continue to believe we are free. The sad reality is that we are prisoners in Plato’s Cave, victims of extensive mind control programming through a variety of covert methods and technologies:

Education System (Indoctrination)

Students are programmed daily with disinformation and distorted world views via an Education System whose true purpose is topromote obedience within a class structured hierarchy. History books (and history itself) are altered on an annual basis. The system is designed to suppress creativity and independent, critical thought. It rewards conformity, rote memorization and order following.

The purpose of the education system can be broken down into six functions:

  1. The Adjustive Function
    To establish fixed habits of reaction to authority (the main purpose of education!).
  2. The Integrating/Conformity Function
    To make students as alike as possible, narrowing the gap between differences.
  3. The Directive Function
    To diagnose the proper social role and then log the evidence where the student is in the hierarchy.
  4. The Differentiating Function
    To prevent students from lower layers from learning anything taught at the higher layers, maintaining the established social hierarchy.
  5. The Selective Function
    Darwinian natural selection, the favoured races. To consciously improve the breeding stock by finding ways to prevent the lesser people from breeding. Tag the unfit with their inferiority using poor grades, remedial placement, and humiliation so their peers will view them as inferior.
  6. The Propaedeudic Function
    To ensure continuity of the social form by training a new group of custodians. A faction of students must be trained to take over the project.


Mainstream Media/Hollywood Propaganda

All mainstream news and entertainment media is propaganda. Network news, newspapers, magazines, Hollywood and the music industry are owned and controlled by the same handful of people. Newscasters read from the same scripts, investigative reporters have been replaced by those who write only what they’re told,musicians and actors have traded their souls for fame and fortune.



Top tier entertainment contracts are signed in blood. The price of fame includes isolation, ritualistic depravity…and ultimate sacrifice: John LennonBob MarleyJimi HendrixAmy Winehouse,Michael JacksonWhitney HoustonBobbi Kristina BrownNatalie WoodMarilyn MonroeAnna Nicole SmithKurt CobainBruce LeeBrandon LeeJoan RiversRobin WilliamsCorey HaimDavid Carradine, Grace Kelly, James Dean, River PhoenixPeaches GeldofHeath LedgerBrittany MurphyElvis Presley, Jim Morrison, Tupac ShakurSam Cooke, Otis Redding, Janis Joplin, Buddy Holly, Paul Walker, Peter Tosh, Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) Radiation

Everything in the universe is electric and vibrates at an optimal frequency, even space itself. It is the vibratory rate, resonance, that determines whether an object is solid, liquid or gas…among other things. The Optimum Biological Frequency Resonance of all mammals, including human beings, is naturally tuned to the same 7.83 Hz frequency held by planet Earth herself, the Schumann Resonance.

This resonance, vital to our well-being, is being intentionallyinterfered with. It is being manipulated at the cellular level through a myriad of dangerous wireless technologies that alter consciousness, reduce mental acuity, disrupt the central nervous system, compromise the immune system and greatly increase risk of disease.

These harmful technologies include cordless phones, cellular phonesSmart Meters, WiFi, Bluetooth, smart appliances, cell towers, mini-satellites and a number of exotic military energy weapons such as: microwave weaponsGWEN TowersHAARP(manufactures droughtsfloods, storms, earthquakes, etc.) and the very dangerous CERN (alters the magnetosphere; stimulatesseismic/volcanic activity; attempting to access dimensional portals).

And the new 5G cellular network being quietly rolled out is a waking nightmare in the making, a system of surveillance and control more invasive and complete than Hitler or Stalin could ever have imagined.

All these programs interweave to create an all-encompassing, invisible network of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), an electronic planetary control grid. This grid can be and is used toelectronically target groups or individuals by remotely influencing their perceptions, emotions, aggression levels, energy levels, heart rate, sexual urges, etc. It is even possible to remotely transmit voices inside our heads. Collectively, these intrusions are known as “electronic harassment”.

Biochemical Engineering & Warfare

We have become unwitting test subjects for biochemical experimentation disguised as food and medicine. There is an ongoing attempt to suppress our natural abilities and defences, shorten our lifespans, make us docile and obedient, and keep us sick and dependent on a multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry that has surpassed oil and gas as the most lucrative in the world.

Cancer is not a disease. It’s a scam, a meal ticket, Big Pharma’sgolden goose. To these parasites, “cure” is a dirty word. Naturalcures for cancer have been known for at least a century. Any who dare attempt to make them publicly available are bribed, threatened, imprisoned or killed. It’s about more than profit though. It’s also about population control via Codex Alimentarius.

The key to a long life free from cancer and other illnesses is keeping an alkaline, highly nutritious diet. Healthy cells require steady replenishment of nutrients and oxygen. Instead we are funnelled into a debilitating program of toxic, acidic foods intentionally stripped of vital nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Cancer is a starving body’s last ditch effort to survive, literally forced to feed upon itself or die. It is only a symptom of a larger problem. Western, allopathic medicine attacks the symptom with surgery, poisonous chemotherapy and radiation while routinely ignoring the root causes: disastrous diet, stress, lack of exercise, radiation exposure and chemical toxins from a host ofsources.

We are subjected to an insidious onslaught of GMO foods proven to cause serious health problems, cancer included. We’re fed the same genetically altered “foods” that were found to cause large tumours, as well as kidney and liver damage, in rats. These frankenfoods are rewriting our DNA and permanently altering the human genome. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) works on behalf of the biotech giants such as Monsanto and will not even allow GMO labelling that would at least provide some ability to choose healthy alternatives.

Another disturbing trend lies in a strong push being made tomandate GMO vaccines around the globe. It may soon become a crime to refuse to have cumulative poisons injected into our own bodies. This comes from the same controllers who made it illegal to grow or ingest cannabis, a well documented cancer cure. Eventiny babies with developing immune systems are being givenmultiple vaccine doses as potent as those given a grown man.

Vaccine manufacturers, similar to biotech corporations, have been granted government immunity from prosecution for any harm their drugs may cause. A special court called the US Court of Special Claims, presided over by a “Special Master”, has been set up specifically for vaccine lawsuits in which the vaccine manufacturers are not even required to attend hearings or present evidence. All damages are paid out on the backs of the taxpayers. Court records are often sealed, all evidence of harm swept under the rug. Most cases are settled through a “Fast Track Settlement Procedure” which suggests the number of vaccine injury lawsuits being filed is far higher than we are led to believe.

Chemical companies are being paid to put poisons such as fluorideand chlorine into our public drinking water. Adolf Hitler was aproponent of fluoride because it is a neurotoxin proven to negatively affect cognitive function and make people more docile and obedient. That was why he added it to the drinking water of the Nazi concentration camps.

Airplanes fly overhead as part of a covert worldwide operation, spraying us daily with harmful chemicals known as chemtrails that pollute the soil and air we breathe. Chemtrails are laced with contaminants such as aluminum, strontium, barium, mercury, arsenic, dried blood cells, and even nanobots (also called nanites) which are believed to cause Morgellons Disease.

Nanobots are integral to the nightmarish Trans-humanist Agendain which the goal is to integrate computer and robotics technologies into the human species. Nanites also lurk within vaccines, brand name foods and public water supplies. They are tiny robots the size of a grain of sand. They can self-replicate and receive instructions remotely via radio frequencies to perform a variety of functions affecting their human host.

Ebola, SARS, HIV/AIDS and many other “diseases” did not suddenly evolve on their own. They are biological weaponscreated in US labs, a combination of biological and psychological warfare. The US government and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) hold the patent on EbolaSARS and Ebola were primarily fear inducing psychological threats. HIV/AIDS was more direct, intended to destabilize the immune systems of African populations.

Africans have begun to understand their home has long been atesting ground for pharmaceutical experiments disguised as humanitarian aid. They’ve lived through the tragic results ofdeadly vaccine programs and correctly concluded the vaccines are weaponized. That’s why they are attacking Red Cross workers and “Doctors Without Borders.” Knowingly or not, these “aid” workers are engaged in a global eugenics program otherwise known as genocide.

The recent Ebola campaign seemed designed to frighten a trusting, dependent population into believing untested Ebola vaccinations were necessary. Ebola and other viruses such asrabies could spread through the vaccines themselves, similar to the Spanish Flu false flag of 1918. Vaccine casualties could easily be hidden or blamed on the rush to market despite the 2009 Ebola patent.

This is a standard Problem, Reaction, Solution scenario. Government intentionally creates the problem, the people look to authority for a desperately needed solution and the government obliges by implementing their preplanned agenda.

This scheme, also known as the Hegelian Dialectic, is the standard playbook for the recent rash of false flags in which the CIA andFBI trot out crisis actors and mind controlled fall guys to create an imaginary “terror threat,” a bogeyman the public will beg to be protected from. Every false flag has this premise at it’s core: 9/11,Boston BombingSandy HookAurora Theatre ShootingNavy Shipyard ShootingOklahoma City BombingCharlie Hebdo,Ottawa Parliament Shooting, and many more.

These events are staged to create fear, allowing government to enact stifling new legislation that always steals our freedoms in the name of security.

Fight for Freedom



The time to break our chains is now, before it’s too late not only for ourselves but future generations. Step by step we’ve learned to accept increasingly oppressive government regulation without question or discernment. We’ve relinquished personal responsibility and lost sight of what truly matters: Freedom, Truth and Love. The only possible result of our indifference is Slavery, Chaos, and Fear.

We’ve been methodically herded into an expanding web of authoritarian control that benefits an elite few at the expense of the majority, the 99.9%. Not only do most accept their own slavery but dogmatically defend the system that ensures it. They cling to destructive, draconian laws like bars of an invisible cage, firmly convinced the cage is necessary, as are their murderousmafia jailers.

Every few years we cast obligatory ballots hoping to nudge the world in a better direction. If only the better party is elected this time! But real change never occurs because the “choice” is an illusion. Who selects the candidates? Political parties are a diversionary tactic in a game with only one team. It’s a privileged, exclusive club that squabbles publicly while cooperating privately, always pushing towards the same objective: totalitariancollectivism.



The Game is Rigged

Our past has been purposefully hidden from us. Ancient recordsare still being systematically destroyed to this day. Great scholarshave been killed, knowledge and wisdom suppressed. History is written by the victor who paints himself as hero when reality always reflects a much darker, bloodier image. Many understand this on some level, yet, even as our world crumbles beneath the boot heel of this self-proclaimed saviour, we continue to believe his tales justifying unceasing atrocities committed, he claims, on our behalf. We beLIEve.

Humankind has become disconnected, disharmonious. We’ve learned to ignore the suffering of others as we strive to maintain balance atop a rising wave of ever increasing government regulation and control which leaves little in its wake besides death, destruction, scarcity and despair. Purposely kept too busy to care, we’ve forgotten the most basic of survival skills with which we were born, our once unquenchable thirst for truth and intrinsic need to continue asking the vital question, “Why?”

People everywhere now live in a state of perpetual war in which bombs, tanks, and guns are not the only weapons. Battles are being waged worldwide against the common man through much more devious tactics and deceptions. Most fail to recognize their real enemy, who is not some crazed Jihadist in a distant Middle Eastern land but rather is a criminal cartel of elite bankers and industrialists known as The Cabal, plotting right here at home from shadows in high places, seeking to fulfil a murderous agenda centuries in the making.

Why are so many struggling and failing in a rich, bountiful world while life supporting resources are being destroyed at an alarming rate? I have news for you: the destruction is by design!

There are more than enough natural resources to allow every man, woman and child on Earth to live long, healthy lives of abundance and joy. Rather than endlessly competing for the fundamentals necessary to sustain life itself, we must begin combining our efforts and sharing the wealth, working together to ensure prosperity for everybody while utilizing patent-free technology to maintain a viable, healthy ecology.

The system is not broken. It has been rigged from the start. There is no need for any person on this planet to be without healthy, nutritional food, clean water, a comfortable home, adequate clothing or unrestricted access to the best medical treatments known, including long suppressed cures and all natural and homoeopathic remedies and preventions he or she may choose to pursue.

Instead, we fight. We continue to embrace a barbaric system ofdebt slavery, a system of manufactured scarcity in which it is only possible to prosper at the expense of others. We’ve been steered into a false reality since the day we were born. We accept the lie, our enslavement, because it is all we’ve ever known.

Due to our own malleability, complacency and ignorance, we’re literally killing one another as well as driving to extinction all the creatures we share our planet with. We accept as normal the actions of unscrupulous corporations dogmatically attacking the planetary ecosystems upon which our very survival depends. They relentlessly continue to poison our air, food and water while we idly sit by, unable or unwilling to comprehend that 1+1=2, that these psychopaths mean us harm. It is insane!

War, Lies and Religion

War has become an accepted way of life. Many believe it is inherent in our nature, unavoidable. This is not true. Only a veryperverse few are interested in pursuing war, those who stand to gain a great deal from the chaos and destruction. Cui bono? Who benefits from such bloodthirsty madness?

It soon becomes clear to anyone who takes time to investigate that behind practically every war since and including WW1 is the same sinister group of bankers, industrialists and royal families. These in turn, however, are required to pay homage to one still higher within this incestuous Cabal hierarchy. All roads eventually must lead to Rome.

The Vatican, whose true leader is the Jesuit Black Pope, has been secretly ruling the world for sixteen centuries or longer. It is the epicentre of mankind’s suffering, the root of all evil. The Vatican literally believes it owns the world and all our souls through trust law and black magic contracts.

As Pope Francis hollowly preaches for world peace from hisLuciferian throne, the Vatican continues to fill its coffers through ongoing sales of weapons of war. The majority shareholder of the world’s largest arms manufacturer, “Pietro Beretta Arms Factory, Ltd.” is the “Institute for Works of Religion” otherwise known as the Vatican bank.



Steadfastly perched atop its bloodstained mountain of gold and stolen treasures, the Vatican expresses outrage and sympathy for the poor and starving through a fake, self-righteous Pope whose feigned concerns continuously build upon the Catholic Church’s hypocritical dogma of contrived morals and ethics created specifically to entrap minds and advance its fear-based paradigm of control.

“Save the children!” decries the Jesuit Pope. Perhaps if his Satanic/Luciferian order were to stop trafficking, raping, torturing and murdering them by the hundreds of thousands it would be a good start.



It is important to realize these religious leaders, monarchs, bankers, industrialists and politicians do not necessarily think or feel as we do. Many have been inbreeding for centuries and are not restricted by the empathy or compassion that most of us are mercifully bound by. Our controllers are psychopaths who do not value any life, human or otherwise, besides their own. They’regoverned by greed, fuelled by an insatiable desire for wealth, power and control. They will stop at nothing less than total dominion over the planet, including everyone and everything on it, in it and around it. They refer to this Orwellian dystopia as theirNew World Order, “a world in which the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations.” Their law, not ours.

ISISal-Qaeda and others are creations of the CIA and Israeli Mossad. They are hired mercenaries who are funded, trained,supplied and directed by the Cabal to create chaos and civil unrest. ISIS is known in Washington circles as “John McCain’s Army.” These paid mercenaries are sent into unstable regions as a pretext, the “bogeyman” from which the next country on the Cabal’s hit list must be saved. They provide the excuse to invade and exploit. Like cancer, ISIS and al-Qaeda are too useful to be cured.

The war mongering Cabal funds and supplies both sides of the deadly conflicts it deliberately creates. They manufacture the weapons and ammunition, military vehicles and equipment, medical and pharmaceutical supplies. Eventually, when the bombs stop falling and the smoke finally clears, they make even greater gains by ruthlessly plundering the decimated, desperate nation’s resources under the established guise of humanitarianism, a Trojan horse in every way imaginable. In Afghanistan, fourteen years following the manufactured American invasion, US soldiers are still patrolling the poppy fields to protect Cabal heroin exports, a multi-billion dollar industry. Vietnam too was a heroine war.

Through extensive government infiltration and corruption, the Cabal inevitably assumes control over natural resources, financial institutions, and other vital infrastructure such as healthcare, energy, telecommunications and public insurance programs. Should any government refuse to go along with Cabal dictates, amass media propaganda campaign will be initiated. They will be labelled tyrannical dictatorships which must be overthrown for the good of the people. The need for regime change, for democratic process, will be trumpeted by the controlled western media, filling the airwaves with distorted rhetoric.

The naive, unquestioning citizens of the West, mired in apathy and more interested in Sunday football than ruination of entire cultures or loss of countless lives abroad, readily accept theincessant stream of propaganda as fact. Muslims are radical and evil. Israel is just and good. Why would government lie?

One way or another, any government that stands up to the Cabal will eventually be subdued by whatever means necessary, including weather warfare attacks, direct military intervention, CIA/Mossad manufactured coups and assassinations. This is the western, democratic way.

One of the first items on the agenda upon installing their new, Cabal friendly government is the outright theft of that country’s gold supplies.

The Cabal then takes control of the banks, restructures them for “efficiency” and integrates them into its corporate world banking system. World Bank loans are forced upon the backs of the people to pay for the rebuilding of vital infrastructure. This rebuilding, of course, is contracted out at exorbitant prices to western corporations owned by the Cabal. The loan carries an egregious interest burden that can never be repaid, thereby subjugating thatcountry to permanent debt slavery.

Today the Cabal is intent upon starting WW3, as has been planned for many decades. Nuclear bombs are being dropped in Yemen, Syria and Ukraine without so much as a whisper from western news networks. The Cabal is doing all within its power to provoke a military response from Russia, whom they’ve surrounded with US military bases. There are approximately 196 countries on the planet, depending whom you ask. The United States has military bases in 156 of them. This is not a proactive security measure. It is aggressive empire building.

New World Order

Albert Pike, who wrote the Masonic handbook, “The Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry,” was one of the highest ranking, most infamous members of the Illuminati in the 19th century. In 1871, the same year his Freemason manifesto was published, Pike wrote a letter to another high ranking Illuminati member, Giuseppe Mazzini, in which he laid out plans for three world wars. The first two have come to pass as planned. The third called for a major conflict between radical Islam and political Zionism. This is what is playing out today.

The purpose of these wars is to allow the Illuminati, the Cabal, to bring order out of chaos, to implement a New World Order. They hold no allegiance to flag nor country but wield patriotism like a sword, pitting nation against nation in classic divide and conquer strategy. Muslim vs Christian, black vs white, democrat vs republican, man vs woman, homosexual vs heterosexual, old vs young, rich vs poor, pro-choice vs pro-life, police vs citizens…ever a new enemy to draw attention away from the sorcerers behind the curtain.

The Illuminati operate within a framework comprised of three factions that are working together toward their collective goal of a New World Order. These factions are essentially three separate Cabals who don’t necessarily agree at all times.

  • The Vatican (Jesuits, who also rule Israel)
    Manipulates minds through religion, fear. It has amassed a worldwide army of followers who believe the church’s man-made doctrines are of divine origin. These followers have been sold a system of worship and obeyance where blind faith is a virtue and independent thought a sin.
  • The City of London (Rothschilds, Royals)
    Controls all judicial, political and financial systems that fall under its worldwide, corporate umbrella. It runs the incredibly corrupt world banking system which includes the Bank of England, the US Federal Reserve, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).
  • Washington, District of Columbia (Bushes, Rockefellers)
    Commands the largest military force on the planet. They are the enforcers, the mafia muscle.

Many of us understand the Vatican is its own nation state, subject to its own laws and operating outside the jurisdiction of Italy even though it is nested within that nation’s borders. Most are unaware, however, that both the City of London and Washington, DC operate in exactly the same fashion. Each is an independent, tax free nation state subject only to its own unique laws.

This has been achieved through the incorporation process. Practically every nation in the world today has been surreptitiously converted into a corporation and legally is no longer a country. Under this corporate scheme England itself is bound under the jurisdiction of the City of London, it’s parent corporation, while USA Inc. is bound by it’s parent corporation, Washington, District of Columbia, Inc. (who in turn is a corporate subsidiary of the City of London, Inc.).


Earth, Incorporated

This malignant corporate hierarchy was secretively established to contractually bind and enslave an unsuspecting public who have themselves been unwittingly collateralized using strawmancorporations. Our strawman is a fictional character, a paper representation of our soul that is traded on the stock market upon issuance of the birth certificate, a securitized bond. Its estimated value of tens of millions of dollars is based upon our future expected earnings for the Cabal. Should we break the “law” and go to prison we are further monetized through a prison bond. Upon release the prison bond provides financial incentive to incarcerate us again if possible. Repeat offenders are good for business.

The courts are rigged deceptions. They are maritime admiralty courts in which human beings have been declared “lost at sea”, all possessions placed in trust of the State. Our soul is also held in trust awaiting claim, collateral for our corporate strawman. Admiralty courts have no jurisdiction and therefore hold no legal influence over any living, sovereign being. Men and women are born free.

This is why sovereign citizens who understand human rights are being labelled as terrorists today. “Terrorists” are unconstitutionally stripped of their rights and denied legal process. Our parents were tricked into signing over these rights on our behalf through the birth registration process. Our freedom was traded to a corporate government in exchange for their so called benefits and services…the right to be taxed, the right to be fined, the right to be imprisoned. In fact, every time you register anything with the government you are handing over ownership title, allowing them to confiscate it whenever they choose, including your children.

But what about the Constitution? The US Constitution was officially suspended in 1933 when Franklin Roosevelt signed theWar and Emergency Powers Act which declared war against the people and is still active to this day, renewed annually. 

The Five Eyes

The US, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand signed an agreement during WW2 to share all intelligence data, both foreign and domestic. This spying pact is still in place today, greatly magnified by leaps in technology, and is being used against the citizenry of these corporate nations to track and surveil their every move. Hence these countries have come to be known as “The Five Eyes.” They work together on many levels and may generally be considered to operate as one.

puppetSo called leaders of the Five Eyes are only puppets on strings, pulled to and fro by the same hidden masters. These governments do not act in the interests of the people who “elected” them. The elections themselves are now easily rigged. The most recent elections in the UKIsrael, Australia, USA, Canada, Japan, as well as the recent Scottish Referendum for Independence are all highly suspect with results that do not align with pre-election polls.

Israeli influence over western politics is self evident. Dual citizenship Israeli/Americans make up a disproportionately large percentage of the Obama administration, Senate and House of Representatives. Every candidate for House or Senate is requested to sign a pledge to Israel. If they refuse their campaign does not receive funding and they are ostracized. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently gave a speech to the US congress against the wishes of President Obama and received 26 standing ovations. In Canada, as well as many other countries, it is a crime to deny the holocaust. Canada has also introduced some of the strictest Jewish “hate crime” legislation in the world with the “Ottawa Protocol to Combat Anti-Semitism” act of 2011. It should be obvious that Israel wields a unique power that extends well beyond its own borders.

In the Name of Lucifer

The Illuminati meet behind closed doors within halls of government, in Hollywood mansions, in church basements, in Masonic lodges, in royal palaces and in small town elementary schools. They are heavily influenced by a dark occult belief system and literally worship Satan and Lucifer, the Light-Bringer.

They are a cult of black magicians who have hoarded ancient knowledge over the course of millennia. They have kept this powerful knowledge to themselves and used it to help control the ignorant masses. To this end, many ancient teachings (books, scrolls, artifacts) have been destroyed or hidden. Occult knowledge is neither good nor bad. It is only information, science, a tool that has been kept secret to grant a differential advantage to the few who possess it.



Inflicting pain and suffering through war is part of the Illuminati agenda, a blood offering to their dark gods. But it’s not only in war that blood is spilled. Hundreds of thousands of children go missing year after year. What happens to them? The Cabal runs human trafficking rings across the globe. Children are sold into slavery and prostitution, raped, tortured and even sacrificed. They arestolen from their parents through a variety of means, including government sponsored programs such as CPS (Child Protective Services) that are profit driven and look for any excuse to kidnap children from their homes.

Some infants are the product of secret breeding programs, brought into the world specifically for sacrifice. The preferred victims for the Illuminati rituals are young children or infants, favoured for their innocence and purity of blood. They are brutallyraped and tortured. It is believed the more heightened their state of terror upon final plunge of the knife, the greater the release of energy, called “loosh”, that feeds whatever demon is being summoned.

Babylonian Money Magick

The history of the Cabal, the Illuminati, extends back thousands of years to ancient Babylon. This was where the debt based monetary system was born, the Babylonian Money Magick Slave System. The interest charged on debt didn’t exist in the money supply and therefore could never be repaid. A lifetime of perpetual debt had been thrust upon the people as a tool by which to control them.

This is the same debt based system of slavery employed by the Cabal today. The money always flows to the top, back to the banksters who created it from nothing in the first place and then charged interest. It is financial musical chairs, where the poorest in society must continue to work harder and longer to survive in the game, ultimately finding themselves without a chair, without a home…the bank takes it! No other result is possible in a system where the debt owed does not exist in the money supply. 

The City of London’s world banking system has long been at the heart of illicit market manipulations, intentionally strangling economies around the globe and inflicting untold suffering upon the peoples of the world. Recently, however, a new economic alliance of nations has formed, known as BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). The BRICS countries have created a parallel banking system that is theoretically free from Cabal corruption.

The new BRICS system represents perhaps the world’s greatest hope to finally break free from its enslavement. Close to two hundred countries have already signed on or pledged allegiance to the new system, united in their commitment to finally stand up to the Cabal and implement positive change for a brighter future. Dominance over world finance has long been the Cabal’s greatest weapon. Its unfettered ability to control the creation of money has literally allowed it to purchase governments and build armies. These abilities have now been curtailed as the Cabal is being financially squeezed on all sides by a newly awakened world.

It’s a Conspiracy!

Watson, there is a conspiracy afoot. Yes, conspiracies really do exist despite government’s persistent insistence otherwise.Powerful men and women from around the world actually do meet in secret. They strategize in remote locations secured from public scrutiny with armed guards, locked gates and shuttered windows. They make long term plans for us all. They conspire how best to manage and utilize us, keep us mindlessly working for the continued growth of their own wealth and power. They operate above the law because they make the laws. They control the courts, judges, prosecutors and police.

The term “conspiracy theorist” was first introduced by the CIA immediately following the John F. Kennedy assassination, which they orchestrated. It was coined by JKF’s killers themselves in an attempt to ridicule and marginalize those who sought to expose the truth.

Today the same tactics are used. Government agencies have hired an online army of shills who’s jobs consist of infiltrating chat rooms and online forums day after day to undermine and co-opt legitimate debate. These online “trolls” are paid disinformation agents, relentlessly pushing government talking points. They can be easily spotted by their unsolicited, incessant attacks on the character of the other person. They seek to malign and embarrass in an attempt to divert the course of discussion or shut it down altogether.

The latest example of these sleazy Cabal tactics can be seen in a coordinated attempt to marginalize and disparage the anti-vaccine movement. There is now an all out media propaganda blitz labelling vaccine truth seekers as “anti-vaxers”. The vaccine marketing campaign today is nearly identical to that employed by the tobacco companies six decades ago.


In the 1950s, cigarette packages and advertising campaigns flaunted doctors in white lab coats who vouched for the safety of smoking. It was cool and harmless. The tobacco industry claimed anyone who believed cigarettes were unhealthy must egotistically think he knows more than doctors. Those who spoke out were ostracized and laughed at.

Today the vaccine propagandists are up to the same tricks, once again playing the “doctor knows best” card. They repeatedly make the false claims that all doctors approve and agree on the efficacy of vaccines. Nothing could be further from the truth. They repeat ad nauseum their vaccine marketing catch phrase, “safe and effective”. This is a mind control technique. It is also an outright lie.

A Message for the Anti-Vaccine Movement – Jimmy Kimmel

A response to Jimmy Kimmel and Vaccines

Vaccine studies cannot be trusted. The data is deceptively manipulated, falsified or hidden. There is absolutely no scientific evidence to prove vaccines are either safe or effective. In fact, the data shows the exact opposite. There exists on the part of the CDC a steadfast refusal to do any studies that compare vaccinated children to non-vaccinated ones. In some instances diseases have simply been renamed, erased by the stroke of a pen. They concurrently introduce a new vaccine to create the illusion that this new miracle injection is responsible for the decrease in reported cases. Non-paralytic polio was renamed meningitis. Smallpox was renamed monkeypox. Voila, vaccines cure polio and smallpox!

The studies are performed by the vaccine manufacturers themselves and by the CDC. The CDC and the FDA are both private corporations that provide a false impression of oversight while maximizing profits for Big Pharma through treasonous public health policy. They are frauds of the highest order. They work for the companies they are supposed to regulate and are financially rewarded for helping to maintain a sickly population. In Canada, where Health Canada is directed by these same corporations, they have attempted to bring in legislation (the original Bill C-51) that re-classifies vitamins as drugs, thereby restricting or denying access to all vitamin supplements. They want to criminalize vitamins!

Executives from the CDC, FDA and Big Pharma all share an incestuously revolving door, exiting one organization to join the next, hefty pay raises and bonuses included. Together these organizations, along with other despicable groups such as the WHO (World Health Organization) and the Bill and Melinda GatesFoundation, form a duplicitous, murderous cartel with a monopoly on public health policy. They jointly suppress all natural remedies and cures while promoting or mandating harmful, costly pharmaceutical regimens instead.

Some vaccines have been proven to cause infertility. All contain poisons such as mercury and formaldehyde. Vaccines have been irrefutably linked to autism which is increasing at an alarming rate in heavily vaccinated countries. They are the dirty little secret behind many cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) whereby an infant suddenly dies shortly after receiving its latest injections. The medical establishment shrugs its shoulders and washes its hands, denying any correlation. Shaken Baby Syndrome is similar except the death is blamed on a scapegoat, usually the parents. The baby’s brain reacts to the vaccine by swelling until its blood vessels burst against the inside of the skull, resulting in death from heavy internal bleeding. Grieving parents are then imprisoned, falsely accused of shaking their baby, while the State takes custody of any other children.

The real purpose of vaccines is multifold. Firstly, they generate immediate profits. Secondly, they create an “after-market” of latent, long-term illnesses requiring pharmaceutical treatments which is where the real money is. Thirdly, they are integral to the Cabal’s overarching agenda to depopulate the world.

Depopulation and UN Agenda 21

A long standing goal of the Illuminati is to reduce global population to 500 million, as depicted on the Georgia Guidestones. Currently there are 7 billion people in the world, about 6.5 billion “useless eaters” too many for their tastes. This is why we’re beingsystematically poisoned, even sprayed from the sky like bugs.



Playing key roles in the depopulation agenda are the global warming hoax and UN Agenda 21 which operates under the guise of “sustainable development”. The United Nations is another false front for the Cabal, an international coalition acting the part of global peacemaker when the exact opposite is true. It was hatched shortly after WW2, as were the World Health Organizationand NATO. All three Cabal entities arose as “order out of chaos”, collectivist solutions following a Cabal induced world war. All play key roles in the drive toward one world government.

UN Agenda 21 promotes an insidious cookie cutter schemewhereby local governments of small towns and cities everywhere are “incentivized” to implement United Nations sustainable development programs, making all towns look and operate homogeneously for easier management from a centralized, global authority. Food, water, energy and travel are all to be centralized and strictly regulated, allowing a profit driven foreign entity to cut off vital resources at their discretion.

It is a subterfuge designed to herd us out of the country, away from home and land ownership, and into tiny, regulated apartments in crowded cities that have been zoned for human habitation. The vast majority of land is to be rezoned such that public access is greatly restricted or denied completely. Sustainable development is code for “regulated, restricted and controlled”.

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”  -Albert Einstein



This United Nations infiltration of our communities, deceptively intended to appear as if each town has implemented its own program independently, is always done in the name of environmental protection. Meanwhile, our ecosystems continue to be destroyed day after day by the same corporate elites who blame that destruction on us, citing overpopulation and a need for more regulations and stricter controls to correct the very problems they purposely create.

The seeds of this agenda were first planted by the Club of Rome, a Cabal think tank that specializes in crisis creation. Tasked with finding ways to hasten the march toward global control, a New World Order, the plan they eventually offered in 1991 was to convince the peoples of the world that a global environmental authority was necessary to save us all from impending environmental disaster. The global warming hoax was invented for this specific purpose.

The Club of Rome published a paper in 1991 called, “The First Global Revolution”. Here is a direct quote: “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.”

The global elites continuously invent new crises, new enemies to defend against. They calculatedly manipulate our fears to steal our freedoms. It’s the same playbook again and again and again.

In Conclusion

The Illuminati are a Luciferian cult comprised of some of the richest, most powerful men and women on the planet. The cult has existed in one form or another for thousands of years. They seek dominion over our world through secret covenants, dark magic and blood sacrifice. They value power, not lives. They control governments. Their dedicated pursuit of a New World Order has led them over the centuries to relentlessly infiltrate and dominate every important industry, negatively impacting all aspects of our lives:

  • Finance
  • Media (Mainstream News, Hollywood, Music Industry)
  • Energy
  • Medicine
  • Food
  • Education
  • Judiciary
  • Technology

We are at war with a depraved group of psychopaths who are relentlessly attacking us while we sleep. Their agenda has accelerated because they see the finish line and must cross it before the masses awaken and come for their heads. They are desperate and afraid because we outnumber them by a million to one!

Stand up!