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All things being Divine in their me.. hindus believe in three basic levels of existence flesh, flesh spirit mix, spirit these correlate to the trinity of hypostasis
Trinity of hypostasis is flesh, spirit, flesh and spirit combined in Divinity of self manifestation...ones spiritual resurrection in the flesh...NOTE the RESURRECTION
Yeshua lived in the trinity of hypostasis and thus could transcend all three states of existence..
the term "prosopon" is the manifestation of self
It translates to person/personam...and thus "in propria personam" means the proper personam, proper person, proper prosopon...the proper manifestation of self in hypostatic union.
Thus standing IN Law that is unique to the 4th Crown of American Common Law is the right to stand "in propria personam" as a Divine Right affirmed in the "savings to suitors" clause of the Judicial Act of 1789, Section 9, as affirmed in TIle 28 "United States Code" ss 1333......
As such, our Founders of the 4th Crown of American Common Law insured/ensured that we all had the right to affirm oneself not subject to the rule of this realm as we stand proper manifestation of self in hypostatic union, in Divinity of self manifestation, RESURRECTED in the flesh.... as such, just as Yeshua did affirm, we are to be subjected only to the Natural Law of God/dess as Sovereigns and above such corrupt civil states of wo/men...thus civiliter mortuus/civilly dead under chancery and free of the “duties of civil life and the commands of the temporal magistrate {Blackstones Commentaries on the Law of England, Book 1, Chapter 1, Rights of Persons, *132, page102} of the civil law of the realm though it does hold our (es)tates/(eS)tates/(eS)TATES in Trust. still, we are to be left alone and provided for as long as the civil law of the realm controls our Trust.
Per Blackstone's Commentaries on the Law of England and/or the Law, the way one may get your "estates" back that have been placed in trust because of ones Common Law renouncement that made one civilly dead in chancery is...
To either prove oneself a servant by oath to the law one professed to be subject to in ones renouncement, such as by achieving a title within the ‘church’ one did give ones oath to, or pursuant to the Law and Law of Equity, by proving a fraud/constructive fraud by the presumptive Executors, Administrator, and/or Trustees who took over the manage of your "estates" in your Sovereign civiliter mortuus 'state'....
When did we declare ourselves civiliter mortuus, “abjured the realm by the process of the [C]ommon [L]aw”, and thus exempt from the obligations of the presumptive law of the realm...?
When we lawfully ratified the 13th Titles of Nobility Amendment by actions in the Common Law, which barred the Popes agents with their Titles of Nobility from our 4th Crown of Law..thus placing the united (eS)tates of America in civilly mortise status which required our (es)tates/(eS)tates/(eS)TATES to be forfeited and place in a land trust. 
This was done with the Treaty of Peace and Amity of 1812 which defines not only the lands which are the united (eS)tates of America versus Britannic lands and proclaims that as long are there are not aggression between the two parties all is fine...but it also defines a PLENIPOTENTIARY, an instrument of surety, the United State citizen so, who are the Trustees of our our civiliter mortuus united (eS)tates Trust....?
DRUM ROLLLLL.... the very agents of the Pope we barred from our Crown of Law with the passage of the TONA, ..the BAR Unions and other holders of a Title of Nobility whose duty pursuant to the Law is to manage our (es)tates for the presumptive law of the realm....the Vatican and the Pope as the self professed Vicar of Christ. 
Wherefore they are bound under the Law and Law of Equity to never diminish it, defraud it or abuse it...lest such conveyance/forfeitures by vitiated form fraud.
Do you all see the Manifest Destiny of our Republic now...? 
Do you see the sting set forth by our founders and the Divine evolution of the Law they did manifest?
America was founded upon the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church...NOT, I REPEAT, NOT the reprobate heretical pedo-cult of Rome, the Western Church of "Christianity" that places the Pope as the sole Vicar of Christ. 
We by our lawful declarations, like Yeshua, have no world ‘kings’ that are our elohims....and as such, the Pope is only the presumptive Vicar as long as not fraud is effected on our civiliter mortuus (es)tates/(eS)tates/(eS)TATES ...
to comprehend what our Manifest Destiny truly is look no further than the East - West Schism of 1054 and the other citations below. 
As this schism was the foundations for the "elite' of the time, the four beasts with ten horns (The Book of Daniel 7), Austria, France, Prussia, and Russian, to effect the Secret Treaty of Verona...binding all Titles of Nobility to fight against the rise of all/any forms of Republic governance that did not accept the Pope as "king of the world" and the Vicar of Christ whose very own civiliter mortuus (es)tate/(eS)tate/(eS)TATE, the Kingdom of Heaven, is still being “administrated” by his murderers, Rome, the Pharisees, and the professed children of Israel. 
This treaty and oath by the Titles of Nobility was affirmed again by the Esquires in 1822...see citation below..
And there you have hopefully you see the significance of the 4th Crown of American Common Law, what role the TONA plays in the freeing of the world form the babylonian slave trade banking platforms of Rome, the role the BAR Unions play as Trustees of our civiliter mortuus (es)tates/(eS)tates/(eS)TATES, and the simple steps we need take to once and for all recover our civiliter mortuus (es)tates/(eS)tates/(eS)TATES by effecting and curing ONLY ONE (1) claim of constructive fraud upon them effected by his agents while affirming the standing “in propria personam”.
By doing such simple things, we shall free not only our civiliter mortuus (es)tates/(eS)tates/(eS)TATES from their control, but the civiliter mortuus (es)tates/(eS)tates/(eS)TATES of our Advocate in Christ/Yeshua. peace be with you and all of your relations, may we all have enough, namaste, ~lotus