This may be the most important video you have ever seen! Please pay close attention! 

The following explains one of the most despicable crimes in the history of our world and why the PARASITES pretending to be JUDGES et al so desperately want to get you in to their courts and find you guilty of violating private rules and codes that do not apply to you the living flesh blood being under the American common law system! 

The 1.2 Million illegal agents of the CROWN BAR system are enforcing ILLEGAL rules and codes on the American people AS IF it were law. The CHARGES created by the POLICE - DA create Securities for the US Corp which is owned and operated by the Banksters which is exposed by a study of something called CRIS - Court Registry Investment Systems:

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The real Question you should have after watching this is when will we see agents of the Vatican, the Bankers, the UNITED STATES Corp and the CROWN BAR attorneys in a similar setting! 



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Illuminati Agenda fully explained: 

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