The following presentations are posted here with great thanks to Lotus and Alfred Adask for their extensive contributions in to helping us all understand what is going on in the American In-Just-US system! 

For those of you that are somewhat up to speed on how the foreign CROWN BAR US Star Chamber - Kangaroo Courts in America violate our unalienable rights and standing as a wo/man, the points made in the PDF and Vide presentation are extremely important points to understand. 

The video presentation content connects nicely with the following document written by Alfred Adask. I suggest you read the document first to see the Question that is being interrogated by Alfred and then listen to the following which explains what the courts are doing to us in their Mickey Mouse Star chambers - kangaroo Courts....

Here follows a link to the following PDF:

Here follows one more very short video from lotus which is a short disclosure on the purpose IN Law of Inheritance by Descent of the certificate of live berth/birth and the corporeal foot prints of your child that was placed upon them. Wherefore the BAR Unions Esquires become your childs estate representative agent (Trustees and presumptive Executors) by the ultra vires contract, the certificate of live berth/birth, they did contract you child in without lawful notice or consent from the Mother and Father and in violation of the Law of Equity. Whereby such constructive frauds are made void/vitiated for FRAUD under the Law of Equity. Citations from "Commentaries on the Law of England, In Four Books" by Sir William Blackstone, Knt. A Justice of His Majesty's Court of Common Pleas. Philadelphia: Published by George W. Childs, 1868. Chapter XIV, Of Title by Descent, pages 549-550, superscript 2.

One more video from Lotus on