Biggest Scam in History - The Federal Reserve System

Updated on November 26, 2016

You may be a victim of the biggest scam in history, and not even know it - the Federal Reserve System. Learn what it is, how it works, and what's being done to stop it.

For an easy way to understand how the Federal Reserve System works, consider the following illustration. This illustration takes the form of a contract between two "persons":

I Have a Deal for You

Here is your part of the deal. If you choose to agree to this contract, you must:

  1. Mortgage your house to the max, if it isn't up-side-down already.
  2. Pool up everything else you own and take a loan against it as collateral.
  3. Take all the proceeds from 1. and 2., and deposit them in your checking account.
  4. Liquidate all your other accounts and any other assets you may have, and put the proceeds into the same above mentioned checking account.
  5. Now give me the checkbook, and sign the account over to me. Yes, you'll be putting every last thing you own into the control of my capable hands.

Wait! Don't run away so quickly!

Listen to what you get in return! Here’s my part of the deal. If you will do the above, I will do the following:

A Federal Reserve check can never bounce.
A Federal Reserve check can never bounce. | Source
  1. Whenever you want any amount of money for anything, just ask me via a signed document, and I will write you a check. It can be any amount, regardless of the balance of the account you signed over to me, and you can get checks as often as you like.
  2. These checks will be loans from me to you. And here’s the sweet part: you don’t have to pay the principal of the loan. Let me repeat that: You do not have to pay the principal of this loan. You only pay the interest. It is a true interest only loan. And the interest rate is very good - it’s on par with US Treasury Bonds.
  3. Are you still a little skeptical? Let me sweeten the deal a little more. If you should happen to go on a wild spending spree for a long period of time, and find that even just the interest payments are growing exponentially out of control, you can always just borrow more and use it to pay any amount of interest.



So are you convinced yet? Is it a deal? Great! I’m glad you agree, since you’ve already accepted this deal when the Federal Reserve Act was stealthily passed on December 23, 1913 while Congress was preoccupied with Christmas Break1. This Act of Congress reinstated a Central Bank in America for the fourth time, this time under the guise of a “Federal Reserve System”.

Yes, I am the Federal Reserve, and you are the United States Government

... in this illustration. And yes, this is how the business relationship between you and me got started, and this is the gist of how it actually works.

As for your part of the deal, you handed over your assets to me mostly in these two ways:

Executive Order 6102

Executive Order 6102
Executive Order 6102 | Source
  1. Your Congress stated on March 9, 1933 “The money will be worth 100 cents on the dollar, because it is backed by the credit of the nation. It will represent a mortgage on all the homes and other property of all the people in the nation.”2,3
  2. Your president Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 6102 on April 5, 1933 requiring all “persons” to turn over all their gold coin, gold bullion and gold certificates to a Federal Reserve Bank in exchange for Federal Reserve Notes by May 1, 19334. Yes, you performed your part of the deal a little late, but that’s only because I gave you a 20 year moratorium before I called in your bankruptcy5.


As for my part of the deal, I've been buying your bonds ever since. Those signed documents that you give me whenever you request money from me are called "Government Securities" (Treasury Bonds, Notes and Bills - Let's just call them all "bonds" for ease). This is how you get your money in unlimited quantity. You take some paper and ink, and create a bond. I take some paper and ink and create a check6. We exchange the documents7. Your bank honors these checks even though my account has no balance to back it up8 - no questions asked. I am the Federal Reserve - I am above questioning by anyone.


The transaction is a simple purchase - an even exchange. Let's say you want a billion dollars. The bond you create clearly states "One Billion Dollars" on its face, and it takes on that value the moment you sign it. The check I write is for one billion dollars, and it also takes on that value when I sign it.

It's all perfectly legal. It's just an even exchange, there is no profit for either of us. We are just exchanging negotiable instruments of equal value according to UCC 3-303(a)(4).

Additionally, you have been selling government bonds to the public for whatever market there is at the time, in exchange for my Federal Reserve Notes (dollars) that the people are using as money.


Win - Win - Win - Win - Win

Count 'em, yes, that's 5 wins for us9. After the above mentioned exchange takes place, you have a billion dollars more than you had before, in the form of that check that you can deposit into your account. - Win #1.

I also have a billion dollars more than I had before, in the form of that Government Bond. In aggregate, I can flaunt and flail and sell these bonds on the open market at the time of my choosing, giving me god-like power over the economy. In fact, I think I’ll form a committee to do just that. I’ll call it “The Federal Open Market Committee”, or FOMC. - Win #2.

In addition, I can collect interest on that Government Bond until I sell it. - Win #3.

In addition, and this is the biggest win, I will be collecting perpetual interest on that billion dollars. You see, that check I gave you is considered a "loan". It is part of “The National Debt”. I will be collecting interest on it perpetually. You do not, and even cannot, pay the principal10, and so the interest is due continually. - Win #4.

Fractional Reserve Banking explained
Fractional Reserve Banking explained | Source

In addition, when you spend that billion dollars into the economy, it becomes deposits in the bank accounts of your contractors and suppliers, or of those that they pay. Through the process of "fractional reserve banking"11, that one billion dollars becomes ten billion12 in the hands of my billionaire banker buddies out there who now owe me countless billion-dollar favors. - Win #5.

All right, so you noticed now that four of those wins are mine (Federal Reserve) and only one win is yours (US Government). No it’s not fair, but it’s too late now since you’ve already agreed to these terms when the Federal Reserve Act was passed and later modified. That is why you will always be under my complete control as my debtor. But don’t despair, it is still a very big win for you.

The only losers are the people. They will have to pay the ever increasing perpetual interest on the National Debt through income taxes13. They will bear the burden of the ever decreasing value of the dollar in the form of ever increasing prices - all the while being totally clueless as to how most of the fruits of their labor is being siphoned off by you and me.

And by the way, I said don’t despair. Tell your President Woodrow Wilson to take a chill pill. Just a few years after signing the Federal Reserve Act, he is said to have written in a personal log:

“I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men."14


Terms and Conditions


The National Debt can never be paid.
The National Debt can never be paid. | Source

Since you are now increasingly, perpetually and hopelessly in debt to me [the “national debt” is now 19 trillion and growing exponentially15] you are going to need to do as I say, or I will foreclose on you. Some of my initial instructions are spelled out in the following paragraphs.

But don’t worry, you can continue to prosper beyond your wildest dreams according to these terms. You just can’t let too many people find out how this works or how much you’re prospering. On the contrary, you’re going to have to do a lot of ‘crying broke’ from now on, so that people will believe ... what we need them to believe ... in order for us to continue our extremely lucrative contract without too much resistance.

And now for some of my initial instructions:



You must create a collection agency for me – but don’t call it that, heavens no, call it ... the Internal Revenue Service. Through the “IRS” you must initiate a new tax on the people this year, 191316. You are to call it the “Income Tax”. Start it out very small so the people won’t object to it, and keep increasing it very gradually each year over the decades to come. Make it extremely complex, and then add a little more complexity each and every year17 so that no one is able to figure out that there is actually no law that definitely requires people to pay it18.

"The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax."

- says Albert Einstein after accepting US citizenship.
- says Albert Einstein after accepting US citizenship. | Source

Give the IRS power to put persons in jail if they fail to file a "tax return". Give it the power to lien and levy their assets and sources of income if they won’t or can’t pay. And after they get used to that, give it the power to cancel their passport if they don't pay19.

Keep the people in fear of the IRS so that they won’t even think of questioning it, or have time to if they did, or have the guts to do anything about it. You must collect enough of this tax every year to pay the accumulating interest on your loans from me. (Keep in mind, you don’t need any tax money to build roads, schools or any other expenditures since you can always borrow an unlimited amount from me.)

The purpose of this tax is not to generate revenue, since none is needed20, but to control society. Through the IRS you are to create all kinds of tax breaks, credits, deductions and loopholes to guide society in the proper direction, as I will dictate to you privately. The people will be elated to follow this direction like sheep, since it will “save” them so much money. For weeks after they file their taxes they will be bragging to their workmates, friends and family members about how much money they saved in taxes because they were so smart that they could recognize and implement a few of the many complex tax reduction strategies.



Is the Federal Reserve "federal"?

The Federal Reserve is no more “federal” than Federal Express or Federal Mogul. In fact, you’ll find it listed among these corporations in the Yellow Pages - not in the government section.

“Federal” was put in the name to have people think it's part of, or controlled by, the government. Having the members of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve nominated by the US President and confirmed by the Senate helps to further this illusion; and most people are still duped today.

However, you must not let the people find out the real purpose of the tax. They must think that their hard earned tax money is going to build and maintain the roads, bridges, schools, courthouses, pay government employees, fund the war on terror, war on drugs, war on crime, war on poverty and all the other wars that are never won, but are for the purpose of creating more debt (I mean money) for me. You must keep funding all the wonderful social programs that I dream up for you, and you must implement them at my beck and call, because you are so far in debt to me, that I can call in your bankruptcy in an instant.



In order for a contract to be valid, there must be "good and valuable consideration" on both sides.

This is a very good deal for you and me both. You have an unlimited source of money, and that money comes back to me, after being legitimized by cycling through the people. I and my shareholders will be making immense profits on this money creation system. The only losers are the people, but that's OK because they are not party to this contract.



The created money ends up being paid by the people, since it is spent into their economy. You spend it into the economy for free, the money the people are working for gets diluted, and they pay for it through gradually reduced fruits of their labor. [The dollar of 1913 is worth about 4 cents now in 201321.]

But the people won’t notice that we are slowly stealing more and more of the fruits of their labor. They won’t notice that, before we started this biggest scam in history, a man could be a carpenter, making a few chairs by hand every day, or a farmer, plowing his fields the old low-tech way, while his wife stays home and cares for the house and the kids, and he can make a comfortable living for his whole family, and have enough left over to take care of mom and help out his neighbor in need.

They won’t notice that after this great scam is in operation for several decades, things have gradually progressed to the following: A man and his wife (if they are still together after our media propaganda encourages the divorce rate beyond 50%) are both working at least one job each (if they still have their jobs) using computers and automation that make it possible to accomplish a week's worth of work in 15 minutes, while their children are raised by TV and video games - and yet they are being foreclosed on.

"Destroy the middle class - outsourcing will do it."
"Destroy the middle class - outsourcing will do it." | Source

They won’t notice that the sole difference between these two time frames is the money in our pockets (mostly mine) because I will keep them dumbed down by buying out and controlling the school system and media, and too busy trying to make ends meet to think about it. They won’t notice because we will gradually squeeze out the middle class, since they are the ones who, with their comfortable way of life, better than average education and time to ponder things, might have a chance to figure some of this out and do something about it.

But there is more to our profits. We will also charge them interest on this money.

Does the Federal Reserve have Reserves?

“Reserve” was put into the name to suggest the idea that tangible assets were backing it. The Federal Reserve has no “reserves”. It doesn’t even have a balance in its checking account that it uses to buy government bonds. When bankers speak of “reserves” they are referring to deposit accounts, vault cash and debt - all of which was created by the Federal Reserve from nothing in the first place.

Yes, and we will keep the people so dumbed down, they won’t realize that their taxes actually pay the interest on the “National Debt” that we created from nothing. They will think there was some kind of “loan”. Very, very few people will think “Where could the Federal Reserve possibly have gotten $19 trillion to loan to the nation?”



So, now here’s the most important thing that both you and I must do, in order to insure the continuation of our little deal, to maintain the win-win-win-win-win situation for both you and me:

We must not rat on each other. We must not expose each other’s lies, deceptions, frauds or psychopathic behavior, so as not to expose the gist of our agreement.


Is the Federal Reserve System really a “System”?

When the Federal Reserve was created, there was a strong abhorrence of centralized banking power among the people. So it called itself a “System” and gave itself 12 “Districts” to allay fears of centralized power. But in actually, it functions as a Central Bank out of the New York District.

Governing Law

The people are to believe that the governing law starts with the Constitution, and comes through the President of the United States and Congress. But in reality, the governing law of this contract is me, Chairman of the Board of the Federal Reserve.

There can be no violation of the terms of this contract. I am very serious about this, if I catch one of your presidents printing his own money, or even thinking about it, I will assassinate him22.



We must make sure through any means necessary, that not too many people even come close to figuring out, that all they have to do to end this great scam of ours, is to collectively stop using Federal Reserve Notes23. For if they did that:

  • All of my wealth would transfer back to the people (I didn't do any productive work to earn it anyway).


What IS the Federal Reserve System - Really?

The Federal Reserve System is America’s fourth Central Bank. It is a private corporation with its own privately held stock24.

It is by far the most profitable corporation in America. It creates money out of nothing, injects it into society by buying government bonds, and then charges perpetual interest on it. This ongoing “loan” is referred to as “The National Debt”. And the profits are tax exempt.

Its stated purpose is to provide “the nation with a safe, flexible, and stable monetary and financial system”.

Its real purpose is to create money out of nothing and charge perpetual interest on it, thereby creating immense profits for its shareholders.

  • I would be powerless to keep the people dumbed down because it is such an expensive endeavor.
  • Your governmental powers would again be under those severe limitations imposed by the Constitution, because the people would wake up and demand it. The police, military and even your own government agents would start applying their oaths of office.
  • The nation would flourish beyond the imagination of most people today - just like it did during the times when there was no central bank.



Is some of this hard to believe? If so, please check some of the many references cited in the footnotes that back all of this up. Also consider reading one of the booklets, books or papers referenced below or watching one of the videos.

Is this too depressing? No need to be down, there is good news! Please see further below for Solutions that are already in the works! Yes, the house of cards is already falling down.


The Truth
The Truth | Source

Reality Check

If you've read this far, congratulations, you've swallowed the red pill. Whether it was just now, or quite some time ago, you're on a mission to learn more truth and do something about it. Just like Neo, after you get past the initial sick feeling deep in your gut, you awaken some parts of you that you haven't used, and you do some searching and accelerated learning on topics you've never thought much about, and then the question becomes:

OK, what do we do now?

We may not like the Federal Reserve System now if we think about it, but we’re way past the three day right of rescission for a contract. The United States government has accepted it. Our ancestors have accepted it by going along with the switch from a Republic to a Democracy, and later by not rebutting the presumption that they are “persons”, and therefore are required to turn in their gold in exchange for Federal Reserve Notes. Today we continue the full acceptance by using those Federal Reserve Notes and the banking system that is based on them.

"The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented. . . . Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them but leave them the power to create money, and, with a flick of a pen, they will create enough money to buy it back again. . . . Take this great power away from them and all great fortunes like mine will disappear, for then this would be a better and happier world to live in. . . . But, if you want to continue to be the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let bankers continue to create money and control credit." - Sir Josiah Stamp, president of the Bank of England and the second richest man in Britain in the 1920s, in an address at the University of Texas in 1927

The good news is, the Federal Reserve System will come to an end at some point - all things do.

The last three Central Banks of America came to their end because the people didn't like the results. That is why this fourth one had to be stealthily created using the word "Federal" so that people would think that it's part of the government, using the word "Reserve" to give the impression that there's something of value such as gold or silver being held, and using the word "System" to have people think the it would disperse the power from New York to 12 banks in different States; and that is why it was done the day before Christmas break. If it was accurately named using the phrase "Central Bank", the Federal Reserve Act would not have got off the ground.



The other good news is that there are many solutions already in the works.

Freedom!!! - from the Biggest Scam in History
Freedom!!! - from the Biggest Scam in History | Source

When the Federal Reserve System comes to its end by whatever means,there needs to be one or more alternative currencies already in place, ramped up and in use, for a smooth transition.

So if you are not one of the owners of stock in the Federal Reserve, and aren't an employee thereof, (or even if you are, but you have the integrity and compassion of Sir Josiah Stamp of England - see quote in the box above) you may want to participate in a solution, some of which are cited below, so that it will be possible for your progeny to have a decent measure of freedom and prosperity.

Federal Reserve 100 Year Anniversary

Most companies make a lot of fanfare if they reach their 100'th anniversary. The Federal Reserve hit its centennial on December 23, 2013, but the only thing close to a public acknowledgement were these cash bands - mostly seen only by  bankers.
Most companies make a lot of fanfare if they reach their 100'th anniversary. The Federal Reserve hit its centennial on December 23, 2013, but the only thing close to a public acknowledgement were these cash bands - mostly seen only by bankers. | Source

Although the Federal Reserve System is the biggest scam in history, there are other scams and frauds that bring similar tyranny upon the people of the world. Also, virtually every country in the world has a Central Bank which operates very similar to the Federal Reserve. As such, the solutions that follow aren’t directed solely at ending the Fed, but at ending global financial tyranny in general, and ending the manipulation of the masses for the benefit of an elite few.


Solution Groups

There are many, many global organizations and groups of many kinds that have some or all of these three goals:

  1. Get the word out to as many as possible, as to what is really happening - regarding the Federal Reserve, commercial banking, or government deception and scamming of the people in general.
  2. Bring down the global cabal that has perpetrated this global destruction of freedom, prosperity and peace ... this financial and police/military tyranny.
  3. Have a replacement starter system ready for when the house of cards does come crashing down.

Here are links to my favorite solution groups - kudos to all their members working hard to fix this mess:



Anonymous (link would be an oxymoron) (link is unapproved by HubPages - perhaps this one is the most powerful)


Or, for a more scientific/spiritual solution:


Rather than put an end to the Federal Reserve and/or other Central Banks, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies simply provide an alternative. It is currently more difficult to use than Dollars, Euros, etc., but people can choose to use it if the benefits outweigh the difficulties. Of course, the Federal Reserve and Central Banks of the world don’t want the competition, but there’s not much they can do about it. Bitcoin is "decentralized" meaning there is no physical location that governments can send men with guns to shut down a server. It exists as peer to peer, open-source code on the millions of computers of the people who are using it. Its genius creator remains anonymous. Other "centralized" alternative currencies have been quickly stamped out via SWAT team style raids (example: Liberty Dollar).

Bitcoin - An Alternative to the Federal Reserve System
Bitcoin - An Alternative to the Federal Reserve System | Source

Bitcoin is an encrypted digital alternative currency created in 2009 that is now gaining momentum. It is thought of as “digital gold”. Similar to gold, it must be “mined”. But rather than digging in the ground, a Bitcoin miner uses a computer to solve complex math problems - and after much crunching, may receive some coin. Gold is limited in quantity and so are Bitcoins. As time goes on, a miner needs ever increasing computing power to get another Bitcoin. The mathematical limit is 21 million Bitcoins total.

There are now hundreds of other cryptocurrencies that are similar to Bitcoin and modeled after it. Although many of them are "pump and dump" style scams similar to the penny stock spam emails you might get, others legitimately compete with or even complement Bitcoin. There are even decentralized crypto-derivitives that the SEC cannot touch.

It's all part of the decentralization revolution that could gradually, and relatively peacefully, put an end to the central banks of the world and bring on a global prosperity that has never existed before.


Disclaimer: This author does not encourage or participate in any violent or unlawful methods to resolve issues brought up in this article, or for any purpose. If there are some factions of any of the above solution groups that engage in violent or unlawful acts, such acts are unknown to, and not subscribed by this author. Also, there are some solution groups that are created as controlled opposition, possibly even among those above. The reader is encouraged to do his/her own research and due diligence.


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Please let me know of any inaccuracies in this article, my desire is to relate the truth about this important topic as accurately as possible.

Your comments are welcome; please use the Comment Section at the very bottom. If you like something about this article, please use the Voting Buttons just below the videos. Thank you for reading about the biggest scam in history, the Federal Reserve System.



1 The Federal Reserve Act was deceptively passed on the day before Christmas break: United States Code, Title 12, Section 226; G. Edward Griffin, The Creature From Jekyll Island, Third edition, p. 466-469.

2 73’d Congress, Session I, page 83, 1st paragraph - available for viewing at the National Archives in Washington, DC. This was preceded by the Glass–Steagall Act of 1932 which, for the first time, allowed “non-specie” currency - money not backed by gold or silver. This fiat money provision has been extended by various Acts to the present.

3 That the Federal Reserve owns all the homes and properties in the nation is solidified even further by the Fed’s continual purchase of mortgage-backed securities at the (now reduced) rate of $20 billion per month.

Text of Executive Order 6102.

5 James Anthony Traficant, Jr. former member of the House of Representatives acknowledges the US bankruptcy in the House Congressional Record; The bankruptcy is further explained here.

6Today the Fed uses electronic checks by “Fedwire” rather than paper checks.

7 The Emergency Banking Act of March 9, 1933, Title IV, Section 401 allows any amount of Government Securities (bonds) to be converted to cash. A dealer is used as a middleman since the Fed is not allowed to loan directly to the Treasury.

8 Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Modern Money Mechanics, p 6, ph 2; G. Edward Griffin, The Creature From Jekyll Island, Third edition, p 196.

Also, Cheryl L. Edwards, of the Division of Monetary Affairs of the Federal Reserve wrote: “Purchases of securities increase the quantity of Federal Reserve balances because the Federal Reserve creates the balances to pay the seller by crediting the account of the seller’s depository institution at the Federal Reserve.” -Open Market Operations in the 1990s - Federal Reserve Bulletin, November 1997, p. 862 (emphasis added).

9 This whole process of win-win-win-win-win is described by G. Edward Griffin in The Creature From Jekyll Island, Third edition, pp. 195-200.

10 The principal on the loan from the Federal Reserve to US and foreign governments is not and cannot be repaid for several reasons: 1) After some years, it becomes mathematically impossible since only the principal is created or “injected into the economy”, and not the interest. 2) Even a small amount of debt repayment would cripple the economy because it would cause money to disappear in huge quantities. The same reserve ratio (fractional reserve banking) that multiplies every dollar the Fed creates by 10 or so, would remove the same 10 dollars from the economy for every dollar that is paid back to the Fed. 3) The government uses taxes and tax cuts as a political tool and a societal control, and so it cannot also have taxes match their spending at the same time. 4) The government has become hopelessly dependent on this borrowing to finance its exponentially increasing “budget”. 5) When US and foreign government securities that are held by the Federal Reserve mature, the Fed routinely replaces them with new ones (rollover).

11 For an explanation of Fractional Reserve Banking (Deposit Expansion) see: Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Modern Money Mechanics, pp. 6-11.

12 This assumes a reserve ratio of 10%, however the Fed can change this ratio at will causing money expansion without limit. See: Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Modern Money Mechanics, Third edition, p. 4; G. Edward Griffin, The Creature From Jekyll Island, p 200.

13 During the year 2013, US taxpayers paid the interest on the National Debt amounting to $416 billion according to the US Treasury - about a quarter of the $1.6 trillion of income tax collected - just for the privilege of using Federal Reserve Notes as money.

14Attributed in Shadow Kings (2005) by Mark Hill, p. 91

15 For the National Debt real time and other related data see Note, the term "National Debt" is a misnomer, because it is really a "Federal Debt". The word "national" refers to people, whereas "federal" refers to government. It was the federal government that borrowed the money, not the people.

16 There was no income tax in the US before 1913. (other than during the Civil War and for the two years 1894,95). The very first form 1040 for 1913, siting the Act of Congress that authorizes it, is still available on the IRS website. The fact that America was prosperous without an income tax shows that it is not needed for revenue, but rather its complex and ever changing deductions and credits show that its purpose is more to control the direction of society.

17 The Internal Revenue Code contains more than 3.4 million words. See

18 This is a highly convoluted technicality, "persons" and "taxpayers" are required to pay, but not people. See Are The Income Tax Laws Legal? Is It Mandatory To File A Return In The United States? But regardless, we still do have to file and pay taxes for now if we don't want to be subject to criminal penalties, including fines and imprisonment. It's just the price we pay to the IRS so they'll leave us alone until the IRS is no more.

19 Senate Bill 1813 gives the IRS power to cancel passports. Even though its title is "To reauthorize Federal-aid highway and highway safety construction programs, and for other purposes" (Emphasis added) it is usually those "other purposes" that are the real purpose of the bill. The passport cancellation power can be found under: DIVISION D - FINANCE, TITLE III - REVENUE PROVISIONS, Sec, 40304. - Revocation or denial of passport in case of certain unpaid taxesTo date, the bill has passed the Senate, and is expected to pass the House.

20 For a thorough explanation on why no income tax is needed to run the Government, see: G. Edward Griffin, The Creature From Jekyll Island, Third edition, p. 203.

21 Use the Bureau of Labor Statistics Inflation Calculator, enter $1.00 in 1913, to get the value in 2013, and then take the inverse.

22 Lincoln was assassinated after issuing “greenbacks”, which circumvented the Fed’s ability to collect ongoing interest on those dollars. Kennedy was assassinated after printing Silver Certificates, which if allowed to continue, would have gradually put the Federal Reserve out of business.

23 Former congressman Ron Paul recommends allowing alternative currencies to provide competition for the Federal Reserve System. He has introduced H.R.77 - Free Competition in Currency Act of 2013.

24 The Federal Reserve is a private corporation with private shareholders who receive a guaranteed 6% dividend: Federal Reserve Act, Section 7(a)United States Code, Title 12, Section 282 and Section 341; Federal Reserve Board at; New York Fed at



RESOURCES used for "Biggest Scam in History"

The following are physical books, see also the free downloads further below.

Modern Money Mechanics
Modern Money Mechanics

This booklet (46 pages), published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, is out of print since 1994. Spells out the mechanics of how the scam works straight from the horse's mouth. This is a reprint of the actual booklet - if you ever see the real thing at a garage sale, you may want to buy it as a collector's item.


Modern Money Mechanics - Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago: out of print since 1994, a free download of the final printing is available in pdf at: and in searchable electronic format at:

Walker Todd Affidavit
Walker Todd Affidavit | Source

Title 26 of the United States Code (Internal Revenue) - available free at:

Affidavit of Walker F. Todd - Walker F. Todd served as attorney and legal officer for the Federal Reserve Banks of New York and Cleveland for 20 years, and filed this affidavit as an expert witness in a court case involving a bank. - available free at: or for a searchable electronic version with the important parts highlighted:

Credit River, Minnesota case files - First National Bank of Montgomery vs. Jerome Daly:



"Money as Debt"

There are some excellent videos that show how modern banking really works. "Money as Debt" is a popular one. It is in cartoon form and can be understood by children. It shows how all money has been created by someone borrowing it into existence; and gets to the end result of all human labor being done for the benefit of the bankers.

However, the solution offered in this video doesn't seem to make any sense. It suggests to remove the power to create fiat money from the banks and give it to the government. But this would only work if governments were significantly more responsible with money than bankers. "Money as Debt" is not included here, but is available on the internet.

What is the Federal Reserve System?
What is the Federal Reserve System? | Source

"Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve"

This video from, is a history of money and banking, fractional reserve banking, central banks and how this has culminated in the economic disaster of today. Featuring Ron Paul, Joseph Salerno, Hans Hoppe and Lew Rockwell, it is a compelling explanation of the need to end the Fed and switch to sound money.



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    Yes, james carter, the Federal Reserve scam needs to be ended, and indeed will come to an end even if by it’s own demise as you point out. Hopefully we can end it somewhat amicably instead of catastrophically for the nation and the people.

    Your court case (link in your comment) is very interesting. Since it is filed “under seal and in camera” it cannot be viewed via public records. How is it progressing?


    james carter 2 years ago


    Congress can pay for federal expenses with funds collected from taxes, but Congress is never satisfied with this pittance. The desire to buy votes and solicit campaign contributions from special interest groups induces congress-critters to spend more. This is identified as deficit spending. To create this book entry money requires the assistance of the Federal Reserve.

    Congress will give the Fed a Treasury security (bill, bond, or note) and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY) will accept the document as an asset. The Fed will then establish a line of credit for the government (a book entry) in the same amount and list the liability as Federal Reserve Notes. Voila !! Fiat money has just been created for Congress to spend.

    The public sees the government spend the money and watches the National Debt increase. Nobody watches the one trillion dollars in T-securities that are currently received by the FRBNY annually for deficit spending.

    The Fed and the government (cameo appearance) jointly auction about $7 trillion in T-securities to roll over previously issued securities. The deficit spending securities are added as a percentage to the roll-over securities for a total of approximately $8 trillion.

    The FRBNY receives the bulk of receipts and has exclusive control of disbursements of the auction accounts. Ref. 31 CFR 375.3.   These accounts have never been publicly audited nor are they reported to Congress as required by law.

    Money from the roll-over sales are credited to the government. The money is disbursed to the Primary Dealers who are tasked with collecting the called or maturing T-securities. The New York City Primary Dealers collect the bulk of redeemed securities. Since the money from the auction for roll-over is credited to the government, there is no increase in the National Debt nor is there any increase in the amount of money in circulation (inflation).

    Money from the deficit spending sales cannot be credited to the government. If it were otherwise, there would be no increase in the National Debt nor would there be any increase in the amount of money in circulation (inflation).

    Where does the money go ??   We have never been told.   We can only assume it is merged with the payments to the Primary Dealers for their expenses in collecting roll-over securities.

    Is that profit for the Primary Dealers ?   Well, we are told deficit spending money is received as a “loan” from the Fed. But if any consideration had been received for the loan, there would not be an increase in the amount of money in circulation (inflation) nor would there be any increase in the National Debt. It cannot be repaying a loan from the Fed. Besides, there is no documentation that any value (i.e., consideration) has been received from any entity. It appears to be clear profit.

    Does profit of the Fed belong to the government ??   Yes, it does. The 1913 charter legislation specifically stated the profit of the Fed belongs to the government.

    Is concealing money that belongs to the government called embezzlement ??

    Well, it sure looks like it to me---but only if you get caught.

    Ref: ;

  • A Little TRUTH profile image

    A Little TRUTH 3 years ago

    He's one of the main beneficiaries.


    scamer 3 years ago

    Obama know this?


    One time fo yo mind 4 years ago

    Happy New Year A Little truth,

    Just been sent this very informative video that I think you will like a lot. Don't know how long this video will be available. Hope this information can get out to people.

  • A Little TRUTH profile image

    A Little TRUTH 4 years ago

    Indeed PattyJane, most of us have been through the "Public Fool System". Thanks for your comment.

  • PattyJane profile image

    PattyJane 4 years ago

    This is very informative blog! I was completely blown away by the material written in it. This information on the Federal Reserve is scary, it seems that everything we taught is a lie.

  • A Little TRUTH profile image

    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    Thanks Josh, glad you enjoyed it!

  • Josh Wilmoth profile image

    Josh Wilmoth 5 years ago from North Carolina

    Very interesting and well-researched post!

  • A Little TRUTH profile image

    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    You have a good point, One time. You’ve done some sifting of the videos for us, and I appreciate that. It’s just that I got behind about 6 weeks ago, and I need to catch up. I do feel a responsibility to watch, or at least review, all of them so I can comment on them all here, as well as know what’s posted here.


    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago

    Little truth

    I respect your request.

    The links I post are the most important videos to address the situation and topic at hand for it connects dots. It saves countless hours of sifting through less informative videos on youtube and other media outlets which can steer the truth searcher in other directions of distraction, these normally toward alien agendas and religious dogma which again are belief systems to restrict awareness and holistic understanding.

    I will refrain from posting other video links for now, but my intentions are to help people or to guide people on the right path. We are all born leaders and can lead each other to freedom instead of being just led through blind faith.

  • A Little TRUTH profile image

    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    Thanks, lorddraven2009. I agree.

  • lorddraven2000 profile image

    Sam Little 5 years ago from Wheelwright KY

    Very good work. I think people really need to see things like this and understand where the real issues in our country lye.

  • A Little TRUTH profile image

    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    Anthony Boone,

    Wonderful, glad to hear it! That’s what I wrote it for.

  • Anthony Boone profile image

    Anthony Boone 5 years ago from Connencticut

    I found your hub too be very informative. I learned alot from reading it. Opened my eye's wide.

  • A Little TRUTH profile image

    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    One time fo yo mind,

    Thank you for your further comments. Mind control certainly is one of the most pervasive and sinister of the silent weapons in use today. I think we have enough links to Michael Tsarion videos though. If readers like him and want more after being exposed to him, they can search him out on YouTube. Too many links has a dilution effect.

  • A Little TRUTH profile image

    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago


    Thank you for your comment and readership. I’m glad you agree that the Federal Reserve is an important topic to learn about. I suggest some of the reference materials listed at the end of the hub - especially the little booklet “Modern Money Mechanics” published by the Fed itself (see the free download links).

  • DommaLeigh profile image

    DommaLeigh 5 years ago

    Very Kewl Hub, I have never known much about the Federal Reserve, I am going to have to educate myself more on it. But I agree they are dumbing us down.


    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago

    Excellent discussion with Michael Tsarion on coast to coast radio.


    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago


    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago

    Little truth

    My research and work mostly delves into the manipulation of mind and the implications of control through these methods. I relate to the works of Michael Tsarion who fundamentally focuses on psychological aspects of reality and truth. In the ancient world this profession of study birthed theology and astrotheology which in the modern scientific paradigm produces the research in quantum mechanics.

    This next video is an outstanding upload of Michael Tsarion's intake of the origin of evil and his work which explains the schism of the mind.

    I hope you enjoy this rather long and valuable information.


    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago

    This is a exceptional speech by Robert Welch back in 1974. How much does he say has come true?

  • A Little TRUTH profile image

    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    One time, yes this hub gets good traffic, however few people actually read all the way down to these comments unless they are actually engaged in commenting themselves. Social sites like Facebook or active blogs might be a better place for this. I’d prefer to have a limited number of links here - too many links dilute the good ones you’ve posted earlier. This comment section is more for varying opinions, viewpoints, ideas and concepts related to the hub topic.


    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago

    This is an excellent discussion between Max Igan and Ben Stewart on reality and the chaos interwoven within world affairs.

    I sincerely hope this hub receives much traffic little truth for there is an abundance of information contained within the whole article to help wake up the human family out of their sleep.


    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago

    This is another lecture on Ben Stewart's tour of England. There is an abundance of information and esoteric knowledge here. I hope you enjoy!


    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago

    This is a great lecture by Ben Stewart and is very esoteric knowledge he teaches. Hope you enjoy this very rare upload before it is taken down.

  • A Little TRUTH profile image

    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    Yes, 12/21/12 certainly did provide for fear and a distraction. Similar to the Y2k hype 12 years ago, but bigger.


    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago

    esoteric agenda

    There are many people who referred to DEC 21st 2012 as the end of the world. This was promoted to create fear in the minds of anyone searching for truth. The date was introduced to the masses to coincide with the Mayan end date calendar. This date was never surrounding the end of the world at all for the date was always an end of a cycle or an age. The only change that can occur after this date is evolution of consciousness or awakening of higher knowledge.

    The mind has served its purpose for evolution and will begin its process of opening up to higher consciousness. This is why the masculine mind/ego control systems of the outer world is revealing itself now and is in the beginnings of its collapse.

    As you say little truth, we are living in exciting times. Consciousness is expanding into an age of Truth!

  • A Little TRUTH profile image

    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    Excellent video, One time - it gets into many important concepts. Good things to think about, especially the oneness of everything, and looking within instead of without. It’s nice to see someone like Ben Stewart have so much knowledge at such a young age. I’ll have to check out the second video at another time.

    He even gets into the topic of this hub. He says “There is no law stating that we have to use Federal Reserve Notes as currency.” In this spirit, I have added a link to “Beyond Money” in the Solutions section of this hub. There, Thomas H. Greco Jr. highlights alternative currencies and the coming transformation to a sound economic system.


    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago

    Link for a wonderful documentary (which is a great dissemination of truth) that was made some time ago by Ben Stewart.

    The video is eloquently presented but touches on important information.

    Another informative documentary is esoteric agenda by Ben Stewart that can be found online.

  • A Little TRUTH profile image

    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    Thank you for your further elaborations, One time.

    Yes, that makes sense that the mind is not you. Otherwise, people would have problems when they turn off their mind during meditation.

    I appreciate what you say about connecting within instead of listening to the mind, but I think there needs to be a balanced use of both. This would be according to the individual’s current knowledge and capability of being “connected holistically within”.


    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago

    'That’s a good question you pose: “If I was part of the NWO why would I point out their motives?” That’s a strategy of controlled opposition. They know that we already know certain things, so they espouse those things and a little more, in order to win camaraderie and infiltrate. Then they gently either steer the mindset towards the direction of their agendas, or off on an irrelevant tangent as a distraction. We need to keep that in mind as part of “knowing thy enemy”.'

    Transhumanism is very much the elite scientists vision for the future. They actually promote it through mainstream news and magazines. They infuse the agenda in movies, tv programs and advertising. Transhumanism is the modern expression of the perfect slave in the minds of the elite. The convergence of man and machine.

    I brought up the idea of eugenics and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World for these agendas that are future extensions of earlier Darwin evolution theories are very much the driving force for a NWO. The actual tool to implement these experiments is manipulation of the human mind.

    I am not trying to promote this idea to anyone. It is information to investigate to begin to understand how and why the elite use mind control to further their means.

    However, you're correct to suggest that controlled opposition exist. You can sense danger when truth with lies are mixed when end of the world theories especially those that are aligned with times and dates and particular venues. When these dates and venues later come and nothing happens the debunkers of conspiracy theories are let out of the bag. Other warning signs are those that steer the truth seeker towards certain belief systems or unexplained phenomena such as religion and alien agendas which are convenient outlets to give up responsibility.

    As I said before,

    'We can sit around for the next twenty years in the hope that Jesus, aliens or someone else will intervene to save us from ourselves while in this time the elite will work tenfold to establish their agendas in a time of revelation.'

    We need to stop listening to the mind and acting on what the mind perceives as truth. The mind is finite and is measurable and cannot understand the infinite universe. The mind takes information and attaches to a belief system. However, the true creational force within us is all knowing and when connected holistically within will reveal the only one truth.

    The mind is a tool to experience reality. The mind is the processor of the biological computer we call the brain. It processes information which it is inputted. The mind is NOT YOU!

  • A Little TRUTH profile image

    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    One time fo yo mind, thank you for your last two comments.

    In your first comment you make a very good point; we need to know the enemy. We need to expose the truth - at least make it more available, shine the light on it. There is good information in those two videos, but the gist is doom and gloom.

    When people are presented with only doom and gloom and no hope of a way out, they naturally ignore it and go about their lives - like the band that kept playing as the Titanic sank. But if people are exposed to a serious problem and can see a solution, they will be moved to action. Especially when they see that others are already in the boat and paddling full speed.

    Forgive me if I implied that you were part of the NWO. My point was that someone reading those last two comments MIGHT SUSPECT such based on the prevalence of doom and gloom. In other words, if you add some good news and forward thinking positivity, people are more likely to get on board.

    Yes, information is information. But that’s what the TV presents also. Much of what’s on the TV news is actually true - as far as the individual details that are presented. But the gist of the message, the effect on the masses, the reactions that get invoked, is where it gets devious.

    A coach can highlight to his team all the strengths and victories of the other team, and how his team has fallen prey to their ingenious strategies due to complacency and laziness - and help his team LOSE. Or he can enlighten his team about the strategies of other team and then focus the strengths and talents of his team to counter those strategies - and help them WIN. Either way, he’s just offering information.

    That’s a good question you pose: “If I was part of the NWO why would I point out their motives?” That’s a strategy of controlled opposition. They know that we already know certain things, so they espouse those things and a little more, in order to win camaraderie and infiltrate. Then they gently either steer the mindset towards the direction of their agendas, or off on an irrelevant tangent as a distraction. We need to keep that in mind as part of “knowing thy enemy”.

    You write “We need to free our minds from control first and foremost before looking to solutions.” I don’t agree with holding back solutions to make sure we’re fully educated first. As J. P. Morgan is attributed to saying “Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you'll be able to see farther.”


    Your last comment: Wow, that’s a lot of mind control reversal therapy I didn’t know existed! I don’t think it’s necessary to get that involved, though. You can go a long way by just turning the TV off and reading books instead. And for high frequency vibrations, if you can focus on love more than fear that should suffice.

    Yes, doing cleanses to rid the body of toxins does wonders for the health of the mind also. At the same time, it’s good to slow down putting toxins into the body by reducing intake of fast foods, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, monosodium glutamate, etc.


    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago

    Here are some positive areas to look into regarding mind control.

    To be able to fully break free from aspects of mind control someone must know they are under mind control. Mind control can vary from mass society hypnosis which has been gradually introduced through elite institutions through education, religion, mass media and mainstream science or advanced mind control of an individual whose mind has been fragmented to alternate personalities. For more information on this research MK ULTRA and MONTAUK which were and still are (under different projects) two experimental programmes in operation by the elite.

    These are some solutions in therapy against mind control.

    1) Neo-Reichian Therapy or Orgone Therapy-

    Reich techniques were perverted by the elite scientists to create the Trauma-based Mind control systems. Reichian therapy is the father of NLP and all gestalt forms of therapy.

    Reich during his tutelage under Freud at the Vienna Institute saw the implications Freud's theories and developed a form of therapy that by-passed the rational mind and worked directly on the blocks located in the muscular structure of the body.

    Trauma-based mind control creates multiple personalities which are separated by the amnesiac barrier, they literally re-wired the CNS. Neo-Rechian therapy simply reverses the process, using the breath the body begins to open up the areas that have been bypassed by the TBMC, as the nervous system reconnects the stored trauma begins its dumping process. Their unfortunately are counter-programs that often can send the person into suicide behaviour as one begins to reconnect and gain use of his or her mind again.

    Reichian therapy basically holds that our capacity to experience joy and fully-realized lives is constricted by walls and armor we put up to protect us from the world. Reichian therapy looks at the attitudes patients use to close themselves off, and helps the patient analyze them and eventually break them down, in order to live more expressive, open lives.

    To heal the split in the mind one needs a steady supply of higher frequency energy. The mind when immersed in a high frequency field will utilize that energy to reorganize the body. The mind will begin to move in the direction of unity.

    2) Body Restoration technique-

    BRT is the most elegant form of therapy and may be the most powerful. It has the capacity to delete diagnosis faulty subconscious programs, delete them and reinstall positive life-affirming software. Recovering the circuitry of the body's functions and cleansing of toxins will have a positive effect on freeing the mind.

    For more information on the types of therapy listed above, people should feel free to research them.

    There are also many devices on sell that can help restore the body and mind. Orgone generators and breathing apparatus to help oxygen into cells are very useful.

    Throughout life, especially in Western conditioned nations we have grew up on convenience. We have had a lifestyle where we have been provided for and in willful ignorance we have taken everything into our minds and bodies with blind trust. We have not lived naturally or followed the true path of creation and as a result been poisoned by the hand that feeds us food and information. We live outside of natural time for the calendar and modern clock is out of sync with natural law. In most circumstances we eat and sleep unnaturally while we listen to the egotistical mind always telling us to get somewhere by a certain time through work, religion or recreational pleasure, never remembering who we are and how we should just BE. For this reason we are self destructive and before we can CHANGE the world we NEED to change OURSELVES!

    Breaking mind control is the first step to breaking the control the elite have on society.

    Here is an excellent online book which will outline more on the subject of mind control.

    I find the read very fulfilling.



    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago

    Information is information. Knowing thy enemy is strength. Getting into the minds of the controllers is the only way you can defeat them. Understanding the method of their madness opens the mind to understanding the madness in world affairs.

    Before someone can adjust to a positive mindset they have to WAKE up to reality. We can sit around for the next twenty years in the hope that Jesus, aliens or someone else will intervene to save us from ourselves while in this time the elite will work tenfold to establish their agendas in a time of revelation.

    If I was part of the NWO why would I point out their motives?

    All I am doing is offering information. It is up to the individual to investigate and feel the need to inform others which can only increase awareness.

    The biggest threat to the system's control is a well educated and informed public. Your hubs provide an excellent platform for information and solutions are without a doubt important.

    The best solution of all is for people to stop conforming to control and learn how to say NO. We do not need to give up power to anyone who deceive. We need to free our minds from control first and foremost before looking to solutions.

  • A Little TRUTH profile image

    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    C’mon now, One time, you’re getting negative again. Those last two links are solely doom and gloom without any hint of solutions. As you’ve mentioned, “FEAR EMOTION is the energy the elite use for the crux of their control”. Someone reading your last two comments might suspect you to be a shill for the NWO.

    But the truth is that people are waking up at an accelerating rate and banding together and taking action. NWO agendas are being foiled left and right. Some examples of this are at the end of my hub about the Hegelian Dialectic.


    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago


    The elite programme to bring about the perfect race of humans which Hitler and his regime strongly worked toward. In an understandable revelation of Eugenics the philosophy and science of the programme really means to create the PERFECT SLAVE!

    Eugenics is the science behind indoctrination of the population to plant the seed in the human mind for people to conform and actually enjoy their servitude in society.

    This next video touches the brief history of the science and philosophy of this elite experiment and the creative minds behind it.


    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago

  • A Little TRUTH profile image

    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    Yes, I used to have a link to The Crow House in this Hub, but I recently took it out to put some others in. I rotate them occasionally so as not to have too many.

    What impresses me is the vast and growing amount of “red pill” information that is put out there by such a large number of people. And most of it is motivated by love more than profit. All one has to do is turn the TV off and start poking around on the internet.

    Some of my favorites are posted as links in the “Solutions” section above.


    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago

    That is a wonderful website for information.

    Some of the videos there from Max Igan are extremely valuable for people who find it difficult to research themselves. After watching some of the material one will surely find it their duty to investigate further.

    These are some of the good videos well worth watching from Max Igan.

  • A Little TRUTH profile image

    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    Excellent, excellent video!

    It shows how all the hype of planet X and 2012 were used as a distraction; that a plethora of conspiracy theories are put out to distract from the real conspiracies; that war is the main tool used by the international bankers to siphon money from the people on both sides; explains the Hegelian Dialectic, although not using that term; shows how to look at “who benefited” from any catastrophe in order to uncover the motive and suspects; and, best of all, that the solution is simply for the people to realize what is happening and to start waking each other up.

    Other videos and info from Max Igan can be found at


    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago

    The promotion of FEAR EMOTION is the energy the elite use for the crux of their control on the minds of the masses.

    Found this very informative video by Max Igan, someone you are probably familiar with which is worth watching if you have not seen already. Hopefully others will take the time out in their busy life schedules to see the video themselves. People have the right to truth or at least to be informed.

  • A Little TRUTH profile image

    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    Thank you for the comment, One time.

    In the context of this article, fear is certainly one of the main tools used by the IRS. And the information contained in documentaries such as Aaron Russo’s “Freedom to Fascism” and articles such as those linked to in this Hub about the unlawfulness of the income tax, are indicative of the information, truth and the love that are increasingly CONQUERING THE FEAR.

    Yes, we ARE living in exciting times!


    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago

    The strength of any society to prosper is the presentation of INFORMATION on TRUTH!

    Keep the public in the dark on the natural spirals of energy flow which effects the human body and more importantly the MIND and people will be forever controlled through the lesser power of the extreme polarity of negative emotion through the use of FEAR!

    What is the TRUE meaning of EMOTION?

    E = energy

    motion = flow of energy in either polarity of.

    Most powerful and energetic extremes of energy flow is through the positive charge of natural order of things which is sustainable through the core of creational energy which forms at the HEART of all things. This emotion is LOVE = Light Of Vibrational Energy and lack of LOVE is darkness, absent of light, lower vibrational energy.

    In Hermetic studies the MIND is structured through the Kabbalah teachings of the tree of life which opens up the polarities of energies to the human physical body and the metaphysical realms of creational spirit. When the energy flow is at full capacity and the polarity of creation is unified and all experience equilibrium do all realities fuse and become one. In this oneness state of mind the higher knowledge of the universe can be channelled. In the unified mind higher knowledge is gained = heaven, and in the split mind one dwells in the lower mind= hell.

    Now if you study hermeticism you will see how the energy within can be used for both greater good or greater evil. Hermeticism is polarity magical practice and is very much what the elite worship. If one use the teachings positively then society can be creative and loving but if it is used for selfish means it will have a negative effect on the mind and open up the realms of FEAR which prey on the weak.

  • A Little TRUTH profile image

    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    I have a copy of “Behold a Pale Horse” and reviewed it. I still maintain my suspicion that William Cooper may have been a part of the controlled opposition.

    But in any case, if he “tried to” do this and that in an attempt to turn things around but the obstacles were just too big for him and the right people wouldn’t help him and that “drove him to drink”, I don’t see much heroism in that.

    To his credit though, I’m sure he has awakened many people to what is really happening and thus encouraged them toward further research and positive actions.


    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago

    Bill in his early truth movement did outlay many positive solutions mostly through political strategies of restoration of constitution of the bill of rights which over time has been gradually disbanded and altered through government intervention.

    He also tried to equip the public with their own radio stations to help educate people and to offer hope and awareness to many. His teachings didn't just outlay the negative effects of corrupt governing institutions but it was necessary to get the message across. He also was informing the public of legislation and legal manoeuvres to stop the people's rights from being taken away from them, however, he received little help from important people who could have helped him and was left out in the cold to face the music on his own. For this reason it drove him to drink and he lost his composure somewhat. He was also an officer in the patriot militia which he joined when he retired from the navy. He made this decision on the back of his military revelations which opened his eyes to truth.

    For repetitious negativity one only has to turn on the mainstream news, it is full of it! Politicians are forever discussing and talking for the sake of talking about solutions which are never acted upon. As you said, who benefits from the problem is more than likely the perpetrator. To justify a police state one needs crime and this is how the system works.


    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    One time fo yo mind, thank you for your comment, you make some good points about gun control. Every crime committed with a gun has a motive. To find a motive, you look at who might benefit from the results of the crime. Gun control is always advanced at least a little bit with every crime involving a gun. Therefore, the big, powerful gun control advocates should be a suspect in each case.

    I’m afraid I can’t collaborate on those William Cooper quotes (or rather paraphrases, as indicated by the single quotes). I don’t know much about the man other than from listening to a shortened audio version of his book. But the audio’s biggest effect seemed to be that of invoking a lot of fear. I don’t remember any discussion of suggested solutions or positive actions. Fear is what the elite establishment feeds on. We need to keep in mind that anyone could be a part of the controlled opposition.

    If the majority of someone’s message is fear invoking bad news, without a focus of good news, solutions or positive actions to go with it, their motives and alliances need to be questioned.

    Excellent video in your last comment, along with others in the series. Thanks for posting it.


    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago

    This is a great documentary on mind control and is very informative!

    Again, thank you for providing a platform for truth!


    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago

    These are the words of Bill Cooper prior to his suspicious death.

    'Many years ago I had access to a set of documents that I eventually realized was the plan for the destruction of the United States of America and the formation of a socialist totalitarian world government. The plan was contained within a set of Top Secret documents with the title "MAJESTYTWELVE". There was no space between majesty and twelve. The term honored the planned placement of ultimate power in a body of wise men who are destined to rule the world as the disciples of a Messiah front man. This "Messiah will serve as a buffer between the wise men and the sheeple. I discovered these documents between 1970 and 1973 while I was a member of the Intelligence Briefing Team of the Commander in Chief of the United States Pacific Fleet. The plan outlined the formation of a world totalitarian socialist government. It is to be ruled by a behind-the-scenes council of wise men. A so-called benevolent dictator, will be presented as the Messiah. The Constitution for the United States of America and its Bill of Rights will be scrapped. A parliamentary form of government will take its place. All military forces and individuals are to be disarmed except for an internal police force which will carry only the minimum weapons needed to maintain internal order.'

    This next caption is taken from a President Bill Clinton speech in 1994 on MTV. This is what he said,

    ' When we got organized as a country and we wrote a fairly radical Constitution with a radical Bill of Rights, giving a radical amount of individual freedom to Americans... And so a lot of people say there's too much personal freedom. When personal freedom's being abused, you have to move to limit it. That's what we did in the announcement I made last weekend on the public housing projects, about how we're going to have weapon sweeps and more things like that to try to make people safer in their communities.'

    Weapon sweeps?

    Take away the guns from honest hard working people who need them to protect their homes or take them away from organised gangs and criminals who terrorise society?

    Bill Clinton in a later interview that year on USA today network then added,

    'We can't be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans"

    Ordinary Americans?

    What is by his definition ORDINARY AMERICANS?

    Hard working honest people, the REAL backbone of society?


    Hoodlums, criminals, gangsters and sociopathic military trained killers?

    This was Bill Cooper's valuation on Bill Clinton's premonition.

    'There will be no individual Rights only privileges. These will be granted or denied at will by the world supra government. All property is to be owned by the State. There will be a redistribution of wealth. They plan to eliminate class differences and reduce the standard of living to a lower level in the advanced nations, such as the United States, and to a higher standard of living in the so-called third world nations.

    This leveling of the standard of living will be accomplished through a global economic collapse which is in its beginning stages. The economic collapse will fulfill the goal of Marx and Engles' Communist Manifesto mandating the elimination of the middle class. The graduated income tax was the first implementation of this process and is one of the planks of the Communist Manifesto. NAFTA and GATT are a part of this process encouraging industry to move into third-world nations in order to exploit cheap labor.

    All existing religions will disappear. The only religion will be the state religion (humanism or illuminism aka Luciferianism ).

    "All County and State governments will be eliminated and replaced with regional government. These regional governments (centralisation of power) are already in place. Regionalism is gradually taking control throughout America.

    There will be no more cash. Trade will be accomplished by a system of computer credits with accounts accessed through debit cards or computer chip implants. The cards or implants will also serve as personal identification, drivers license, and etc. When this is completed the human race will be shackled to a computer in a never ending cycle of debt. No action or movement will ever again be private.'

    Bill Cooper made that speech in 1997. How much of it has come true?


    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    So true, One time, so true! And now large numbers of people are realizing that they are enslaved. They see that the system is heavily rigged against them. Many even recognize the purpose: to siphon the fruits of their labor and channel it to the elite. So it’s just a matter of time and the house of cards will come crashing down.


    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago

    You are more than likely aware that the oil card is only played because it funds the elite agenda. There are other cost effective alternative energy sources which could be promoted and used to reduce the need for oil by some considerable margin. The insistence of using oil as the main energy source keeps the money flowing in the hands of the ruling class through extreme means of taxation and over inflated prices. Everything boils down to withheld knowledge, false information and suppression of the nature of reality. Any tyrannical regime only thrives through the implementation of controlling the minds of the people. Hitler and his Nazi empire was a prime example of this. Physical slavery can only last for so long before the body repels and fights back. Mental slavery however can last forever as long as the subject believes they are not enslaved and this can be achieved through repetitious programming of information into the brain. It is the validity of the information which makes the all important factor.


    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    Very informative and accurate video! (except for the part about peak oil)

    Yes, the truth is found within, and what is within is the same as what is out there. “As within so without."


    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago

    On a positive note, found this great vid worth watching!

    The whole system is kept alive by those who value Power over Love. This trait is self destructive and has a finite shelf life. The elite bloodlines and their affiliates intend to keep things just as they are in fear they will lose their power and ultimate control over humanity which they crave for!

    What they DO NOT fully contemplate is the real POWER which holds this universe together and the force of the HUMAN SPIRIT!!!!

    People often ask me what SPIRIT really means?

    SPIRIT simply means TRUTH and TRUTH can ONLY be felt within!

    They say 'THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!'

    The truth is NOT out there....

    The truth has always been and always WILL BE within the SPIRIT!

  • A Little TRUTH profile image

    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    Wow! Another Awesome video! I saved a copy of it, as well as the transcript, in case they take it off the internet. It’s too much truth in one place, and I think it may be handled by “The Adjustment Bureau”.

    Yes, traders don’t care about the economy; their goal is to make money from the moves whichever way the market goes. They welcome a recession because it’s a good chance to make money from a big move. Worse yet, they and the bankers create the recessions.

    The good news is, like Alessio Rastani said in the video of the news cast, you don’t have to be one of the elite, anyone can make money from these market crashes and recessions.

  • profile image

    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago


    We all lose ourselves sometimes in the mire of things for we are all journeying through spiritual growing. One has to open doors and close others to put the jigsaw pieces of this whole mystery of life together to grasp the whole picture!

    People chase false dreams and grasp at dangling carrots of opportunity without knowing the fundamental necessities of life to be sustainable. It is a crying shame when people sell their souls out in ignorance of this truth.

    Found another good video link here on how the corrupt banking system is playing GOD with humanity for personal gain.

  • A Little TRUTH profile image

    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    One time fo yo mind,

    Yes, Bill Cooper was a champion that uncovered and exposed much truth. I haven’t read his book “Behold a Pale Horse” but I listened to a shortened audio version. He gave his live for the cause and his tragic death provides additional reason for many to press on in the freedom/exposure movement.

    You’re right, many people, upon waking up to all this, can’t handle too much truth and so they sell themselves out to stay in their comfort zone.

    Others take in all the bad news and let the negativity overtake them. Then they look for more bad news, they find it, and spread the negativity wherever they go. They inadvertently are helping the police state agenda, since it feeds on fear. I know, I was once stuck in this mode.

    But we need to remember what Samuel Adams said: “It does not take a majority to prevail ... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men.” It is only a small fraction of one percent of the population that now rules the world. Less than one percent can take it back.

    We also have the fact that positive energy is far stronger than negative energy, and that most people have more love in their hearts than hatred.


    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago

    My bad,

    You are correct to suggest people are waking up from their programming, however, it is a droplet in the water in comparison and it is sometimes necessary to stir the tides of the ocean for the tape is running out...

    The great Bill Cooper in his early truth movement tried the gentle approach to help people out of their hypnotic state of mind, but he too realised after many years of devoting his time and efforts that were dangerous to himself and his family were taking its toil and it drove him to drink heavily and he lost patience when his message barely reached anyone. He then resulted in the harder approach with his truth.

    People often shoot the messenger before reading the message and Bill turned from easing people out of mind control with a subtle way to slapping them in the face with facts, evidence and revelations which ultimately cost him his life.

    Many people who get it, understand the truth and who can read the script of the corruptness within the world refuse to let go of their comfort zone and carry on playing the game despite knowing they are participating in the madness. Many of these people accept bribes and privileges to remain silent and to cash in their pay checks and early retirement handouts. Yet Bill Cooper was an exception, he too could have remained silent, cashed in his early retirement and sat back in hope that he may not live around long enough to face the wrath of what he knew would potentially will happen. NO, he fought for his children's future and for every good patriot and for what he believed was his right to defend the American people of their freedom and to resist tyranny!

    Like Bill Cooper, I am Human, I too am passionate about freedom and the welfare of the human race. When a nudge in the right direction is not enough to move forward then a push will be more sufficient.

    The elite USE this methodology on a daily basis on the people to get their own way, they call this method 'Shock and Awe!'

    Perhaps in the truth movement need to be more 'in your face' with tactics in order to get their message across.

    I commend your efforts on hubpages to point out some of their tactics on how they go about brainwashing the public into their order but spoon feeding people with little measures can appear futile and extreme measures is necessary!

    Michael Tsarion once quoted in one of his lectures on the ruling elitists.

    'How can we defeat the mastermind of their evil when we do not use the same extremes to what they do to fight against them? They have worked tirelessly for thousands of years to achieve their goals, studying how the masses respond to their manipulation over millenium while in our willful ignorance we go about life without a single shred of knowledge of our enemy.'

    Bill Cooper once said that any military commander who goes into battle without any understanding of his enemy's tactics, numbers and weapons is DOOMED to LOSE!

    On an important note, do not believe anything anyone tells you in regards to truth, anything at all, by myself or whoever! Truth is elusive and can only be felt within. Offer ten variants of truths, 9 of them being only half truths and your intuition will pick out the one truth every time. Seeking truth is a personal research and a spiritual journey. This is WHY it is important to hear every side of an argument to uncover the truth. The problem with this world people are always presented with one version of events and in the eyes of our oppressors any other version is a conspiracy!


    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    One time fo yo mind,

    That is an awesome video, thanks for the link! That poor ECB banker needs to take some acting lessons - a Bernanke or an Obama would have handled it sooo much more smoothly.

    And kudos to Vincent Browne, the Irish journalist, for his tenacity!

    But c’mon, you can be more positive than your last couple paragraphs. People ARE waking up, and people ARE taking action. Check out some of the links in the “Solutions” section above. These are just a small fraction of the growing number of solution groups out there that are having major positive effects.


    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago

    The Irish journalist who corners an elite bankster with

    a question he refuses to address to inform the Irish public on why

    they have to pay towards the bail outs of European banks. This is HOW

    TRUE journalists SHOULD exercise their jobs and roles to INFORM the PUBLIC on the validity of TRUE information instead of having the

    profession CONTROLLED and MANIPULATED by the ELITE establishment to SPREAD lies, misinformation and disinformation to FOOL the public into GIVING away their RIGHTS, EARNINGS and FREEDOMS!!!!


    When in HELL are the masses of People going to WAKE THE UP and SMELL the coffee!!!!!!!

    ALL WE NEED TO DO is COLLECTIVELY TURN OUR BACKS on the SCANDULOUS SYSTEM by REFUSING to participate with POLITICS, BANKING and CORPORATE LAWS which are based on LIES and ILLUSIONS. The WHOLE system they feed us is a COMPLETE AND UTTER SCAM! It only exists because as the MAJORITY we the gullible LET IT EXIST!!!!!!!

    People are contributing to THEIR OWN DEMISE.

    When GOOD PEOPLE like this journalist becomes extinct and freedom of speech is eradicated from society and the military boot comes crashing down on the populous WILL IT BE when the people finally AWAKENS FROM THEIR COMFORTABLE and PACIFIED slumber.......

    .....BUT it will then be TOO LATE to take any action against EVIL!


    Dan 5 years ago

    Yeah I've been around the healthcare system enough to know that under certain circumstances medicine is required, but I do feel a lot is forced, over prescribed, and just generally not nessassary. I'm lucky the doctors I did deal with we're more on the cautious side though. Only can go up from here! Staying positive is crucial. I really learned that the hard way. Anyways I'll be following the hubs.


    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    Glad to hear you’re off the meds, Dan. Just keep up the positive thinking, stay with natural foods and remedies as much as you can and you’ll do well.


    Dan 5 years ago

    Rirtilin is nasty stuff I'm recovering from other stuff that I won't get into but it's a very dirty medication. Adderall was bad enough but it was easier on me. I don't take anything as of now, my nutrition needs work before I jump on the medication line again. I think with proper excersise, eating healthy, and staying busy and positive are things I must do in order to be healthy. I do know the system in that sense because I've been stuck in it, ive had Maby 2 3 doctors only who truly cared. And knew what the really were doing. The other 50 no exaderation don't deserve to wear a white coat, our healthcare system is in the gutter rite now, I can't find 1 Medicaid doctor in nys outside of NYC. The only 1 by me now I can't goto. But before that even with good insurance a lot of the doctors just suck. Thanks for taking the time to respond back.


    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago


    Yes, you could say success comes through failure. But it isn’t really failure if success came through it. People said Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before he invented the light bulb. But he said no. He said ‘I successfully found 10,000 ways that it didn’t work’. Each try got him closer to the light bulb.

    For any physical or mental ailments, I strongly recommend the book “Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About” by Kevin Trudeau. If the doctors have you on drugs, you may want to read “Talking Back to Ritalin” by Peter R. Breggin, M.D. You can read parts of both books free on Amazon.

    Yes, as they say, we take the next step. And from there we can see the one after it.


    Dan 5 years ago

    And it's funny you say that because I have a lot of personal issues I deal with being as I have ADHD depression and bi polar and one of the hardest things for me was fear of action and fear of failure itself, i had to learn that im gonna fail, through failure comes sucess eventually. obviously I had to learn that action creates action. Cant do the same thing and expect doffrent results. You get out of the universe what you put into it, if you radiate negative energy all day it's what your gonna get in return. Also people fail to relise there have been empires that have lasted a lot longer than we have, and they still fell. What's to say that cant happen to the us. He'll china basically owns us now don't they? Do we really have the say? And how hard would it be to dig ourselves out of this rut? I guess time will only tell, but aslong as I do my part, and do the next right thing... Do what's expected of me as a citizen, than I feel I've done my part.


    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    Well put Dan! Yes, it can be scary, but as author David J. Schwartz wrote:

    "Action cures fear."

    Especially now that the number of people taking action is growing exponentially.


    Dan 5 years ago

    Yeah, it's just scary, the gov. Plays off the fact that people like me don't have time or want to think about it. But that's what they ultimately want, for me to be a little drone and live my existence with wool over my eyes. They play off basic human nature when you think about it. They know what and when and when you won't do somthing based off past experience of what a normal human being does. They know the comman man will just shrug it off and say as you said " what could I possibly do to change things? It's only when enough of the comman man says enough. And let's be honest you or I aren't changing the world. We can only do our part to change it as a whole. We may change a lot of things, a lot of big things, important things, but we need more people willing to put their foot down, we're supporting them entirely in their endeavors by just trying to live and go about our daily lives, but were forced to use their system and money and whatever else to conform and out of convienance because again humans take the easy route for most part. That's just my opinion though, as I said I don't know first thing about it except that a lot goes on that normal person dosnt relies.


    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago


    If money grows on trees, it's not fast enough for the Federal Reserve. That's why they have to pull it out of the air.

    They create it faster than $150,000.00 per second. (See, watch the National Debt and multiply times 10 for the fractional reserve effect.)


    Dan 5 years ago

    Thanks for the reassurance and considering my slightly skewed opinion hah. I'll have too look through that I just quickly read the hub, though I will say I don't know the first thing about government or the economy. The closest I've been to a us treasury is that place in D.C. Just the magnitude of the bills that one mint prints is staggering. To see pallets of freshly printed money 1$ - $100.. tons of them all over in one big room, but thinking of that while keeping in mind what you said about them printing it out of thin air, you really see how much perspective wise how much $ is going out all over the country into the economy. In the grand scheme of things everything's done for a reason. There is a reason behind every action somone makes. Gotta really wonder what their true intentions are. (Politicians and what not people in power.) it's only a matter of time. People don't remember how young our country is and that history repeats itself. There's only so long an economy like ours runs before it buckles. they got one big ass money tree. Oh money DOSNT grow on trees you say? I guess for them it does lol anybody who bought a shit load of gold when it was down was a genious.


    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago


    Thank you for your commendations!

    You are more perceptive and able to connect the dots than you give yourself credit for - more than most people.

    The answer to your question about what we can do now is spelled out in the “Solutions” section above. Yes, we gave them the power that they have, and yes they’ve implemented many systems to keep us down; but the situation is not futile. In fact, much progress has been made, is being made, and the house of cards is coming down.

    By the way, a little truth IS the author of this hub.


    Dan 5 years ago

    Very well written guys, I would like to add one thing in that the author of this hub and a little truth. You guys represent a higher I.q class who has chosen to enlighten people. The people who corrupt our world are no diffrent. Intellectual past the common man like me and plays off of it and what they know the comman man will and wont do and use that as leverage. I'm glad that you have chosen too do good with your knowledge instead of using it for harmful endeavors. Simply put the u.s specifically is spiraling quick. And most people know this but as you have stated either they ignore it or try to do what they can but power has already been put into select areas. The biggest problem , again as you've stated is what now? How do you fight a 7 foot 300 lb man when your 5 foot 5 and 140 lbs. we've been past the point where if we don't do something it's too late. They have power that we've given them, and implemented systems to prevent ourselves from ever fixing it.


    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    Jo Goldsmith11,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Thank you for supporting and sharing it.

    Yes, the Solution Groups above dedicate themselves to putting the Federal Reserve out of business, and/or other parts of the New World Order. Some are directed at all aspects of the NWO. Others just want to get the word out about what is really going on – when enough people wake up, the game is over. It’s interesting that they all stand for restoring freedom and prosperity and peace, each coming from a different angle with different methods.

    As for financial helpful tips, I strongly recommend the “free two-day audio course” link in the section above entitled “The Best Solution”. Listen to it over and over and over again, more sinks in each time. It is the real deal, the secret to the secret.


    Jo_Goldsmith11 5 years ago

    omg! this is amazing. I will be researching all the sources you have listed. It would be so nice to be free from the slavery of the federal reserve. I voted this up and tweeted. Looking forward to hearing your helpful tips as I am in need of HELP! with finances. :)


    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    One time fo yo mind,

    True that – all of that! Thanks for the further elaborations.

    This can be depressing to the point of becoming numb to it, which is why I like to include the good news in with the bad news. Many people deny the truth, not being able to live with it, chalking it up to conspiracy theory. Others acknowledge it, but ignore it because they believe they’re powerless do anything about it.

    As for the good news, the “Solutions” section is included above. When people check into some of the Solution Groups mentioned, or others on the internet, they see that the house of cards is already coming down. This enables them to accept the truth and even join in and do something about it.

    Regarding knowledge for money, you only make money writing on HubPages if you sign up for advertising in addition to the HubPages ads, or if you sell something via your hub. (My hubs currently have only the default HubPages ads.)

  • profile image

    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago

    Thanks for the appreciation.

    I do not offer knowledge for money for that goes against my principles. However I do rely on platforms like hubpages to share knowledge. Truth and knowledge can only be presented in stages for the average mind will rebel against truth for the mind is controlled and programmed to resist alternative information.

    The biggest scam ever is the suppression of creation and the withhold of knowledge from the past. History has been rewritten as did early holy teachings which taught the true way of faith. Most of all early teachings have been destroyed and hidden from the public arena over thousands of years. The biggest secret of the elite is how the human mind functions and how the eyes and body respond to cycles and physical light. They know good and evil are merely concepts to explain energy and emotion. They use this information to build the world around us to trap us both physically and spiritually. They have invented dogmas and scientific ideas to divert truth and wisdom. Darwinism is taught in schools and the ancient world portrayed as mythology and folklore. They know the past uncovers the truth and know everything has a beginning. This is why the past is hidden and shrouded in mystery. I have devoted many years of my life to uncover the past and research the ancient world for it is here where I connect to reality and discover that the past shapes the future and explains much of life and how the systems of control function today. The learning of ancient teachings can shed light on modern religion and how ancient symbols proliferate society all around us.

    There is no religion without a political agenda and no government without a religious standpoint. Both were invented to physically and spiritually imprison and the tool used to implement this mean is the human mind.


    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    One time fo yo mind,

    Very well put - all very true!

    Thanks for the info packed comment and the telling quotes from some of the former elite that have leaked some of this out. I’m glad you enjoyed the hub.

    I never thought of the single eye from that perspective, thanks for pointing that out.

    You have much to give in terms of knowledge of truth. I do suggest that you consider putting some of it into HubPages articles. More people will read hubs than comments in a Hub. As your last quote says, the strength of the elite lies in its concealment. So the more people know about what is really going on, the faster the house of cards will fall.

    If you want to join HubPages you can use this link. I’d be happy to share techniques I’ve learned to help you get started. But if not, that’s OK too, I very much appreciate your informative comment.


    One time fo yo mind 5 years ago

    Another thumbs up for another great hub

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. The truth has been kept from the depth of their minds by masters who rule them with lies. They feed them on falsehoods till wrong looks like right in their eyes.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (German writer, 1749-1832)

    The whole system is designed to physically imprison you whilst destroying unity and love within society.

    'United we stand divided we fall'

    And boy have we fallen hook line and sinker.

    Everything is backwards you see

    Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religion destroys spirituality.

    The whole set up is a scam!

    “The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.” (1844 Coningsby, the New Generation by Benjamin Disraeli, first Prime Minister of England).

    While people chase materialism, dogma and every kind of falsehoods that have been presented to them slowly the world they know will be pulled from underneath them.

    Movies like 'the wonderful wizard of OZ' are metaphors for the system. People chasing false dreams, always working following that yellow brick road toward that wonderful discovery which never comes until they open their eyes and look behind the veil of illusion to find the wicked wizard controlling the journey all along.

    “The business of the New York journalist is to destroy truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon; to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. We are the tools and vessels for rich men behind the scenes. We are intellectual prostitutes.”

    “We know the powers that are defying the people. Our Government is in the hands of pirates. All the power of politics, and of Congress, and of the administration is under the control of the moneyed interests. The adversary has the force of capital, thousands of millions of which are in his hand. He will grasp the knife of law, which he has so often wielded in his interest. He will lay hold of his forces in the legislature. He will make use of his forces in the press, which are always waiting for the wink, which is as good as a nod to a blind horse. Political rings are managed by skillful and unscrupulous political gamblers, who possess the ‘machine’ by which the populace are at once CONTROLLED AND CRUSHED.” (1880 John Swinton on the independence of the press).

    The truth is hidden in plain sight for those who wish to see it.

    “The governments of the present day have to deal not merely with other governments, with emperors, kings and ministers, but also with the secret societies which have everywhere their unscrupulous agents, and can at the last moment upset all the governments’ plans.”(1876 British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli).

    “Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day. But a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers (administrations), too plainly proves a deliberate systematic plan of reducing us to slavery.”(July 1774, A Summary View of the Rights of British America by Thomas Jefferson).

    There is a famous quote in the movie 'The man who would be king' which says 'In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king!

    the single eye is a symbol representing the systems of control which imprison the spiritually blind. The entire modern world that is perceived through the physical senses is the world which is pulled over the eyes to hide any truth. If the spirit is suppressed and hidden so is the physical expression. The world is a mirror in the mind. If inside we are lost and corrupt then we have ourselves to blame if the physical world is also corrupt. If we sit back and let inferiors lead the way we are handing over our power to those that deceive.

    The order of the Illuminati was established in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt who was selected by the order to implement the plan to takeover the world. The Illuminati was just a reformation of previous secret societies that worked behind the scenes for the ruling bloodlines. All are derived from the ancient order of 'the brotherhood of the snake' which ruled the dynastic periods of ancient Egypt and was founded by earlier civilisations from Babylon and Sumer most notably King Nimrod.

    These are the words of Adam Weishaupt himself on the day May 1st 1776 of the forming of the new order of the illuminati.

    " The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment; let it never appear in any place in its own name, but always covered by another name, and another occupation. None is better than the three lower degrees of Free Masonry; the public is accustomed to it, expects little from it, and therefore takes little notice of it. Next to this, the form of a learned or literary society is best suited to our purpose, and had Free Masonry not existed, this cover would have been employed; and it may be much more than a cover, it may be a powerful engine in our hands. By establishing reading societies, and subscription libraries, and taking these under our direction, and supplying them through our labours, we may turn the public mind which way we will.” – Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati

    Princes and Nations shall disappear from the face of the Earth … and this Revolution shall be the work of Secret Societies.”


    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    Thank you monicamelendez, I'm glad you enjoyed it.


    monicamelendez 5 years ago from Salt Lake City

    Excellent excellent article. My feelings exactly.


    A Little TRUTH 5 years ago

    Jenny, thanks for the correction. Yes, it was FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt) not Woodrow Wilson that signed Executive Order 6102 ordering all gold coin, bullion and certificates to be delivered to the Federal Reserve.


    Jenny 5 years ago

    Woodrow Wilson was dead in 1924 so he could not have signed jack in 1933. Yes he did sign the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 but did nothing in 1933 unless is was secretly FDR.


    Ty 5 years ago

    Great article shows how government fools people. Rich getting richer, no one for poor.


    A Little TRUTH 6 years ago

    Thanks, theking2020!


    theking2020 6 years ago

    Couldnt agree more with the article excellent.


    A Little TRUTH 6 years ago

    Thanks Satori, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.

    It's nice to hear from someone who knows how important contract law is. You're right about my use of the word "contract" in the Reality Check and Solutions part. I changed it to “biggest scam in history” to go along with the title, in calling it like it is.

    Yes, if this scam is masquerading as a CONTRACT, it is void for all 4 reasons you site. I did write the hub somewhat in the style of a contract, using titles as such, as that’s what the scam seems to purport to be.

    Your comments make me think: Could it be that it is constructed as a TRUST, and therefore doesn’t require full disclosure, but does require adherence to the Trust Indenture? Could it be that we are presumed to be Trustees of some trusts, and/or Beneficiaries of others, and/or Grantors of others, and are being chastised for not performing our duties according to the Trust?

    I’m not saying that it is one bit legitimate or ethical. I’m just thinking that there might be some twisted way that this abomination is somehow considered to be lawful by its perpetrators. But if they do somehow deem it lawful, it is according to THEIR law, and not either Gods Law or Common Law. They would lose instantly if a jury of common people were to rule based on the true facts.

    This would all be very depressing if it weren’t for the abundance and acceleration of public knowledge about this, along with the multitudes of worldwide groups of people organized and dedicated to putting an end to the bankers hold on the people of the earth.

    Indeed, we are living in exciting times.

    Thanks for your readership, encouragement and insightful comments.

    Take care,

    - a little Truth


    Satori 6 years ago from California

    Very well-written article! I quite enjoyed it and readers new to the information will surely fine it easily comprehensible.

    Perhaps the only distinction I would contribute would be to avoid referring to the New Deal as being a contract.

    Fraud voids all contracts from the beginning, and this - although clearly written in the legislation that we had never authorized our representatives to make - was certainly a widespread public fraud. For one thing, a different idea was sold to the people regarding what, precisely, was happening. In law, this makes any contract "void for vagueness". That is, a contract which can have multiple interpretations is void, and the American people were certainly given a different interpretation about it. One which you, as is your civic duty, work to correct.

    Threats, duress (lack of alternative option) and coercion (arm-twisting) also void contracts. I would say all of these are the case today. When you can't pay your bills with their debt currency, homelessness and life-threatening dental bills typically result.

    Additionally, contracts are also void when they are unconscionable. And in the Union, where rights are considered to be provided by God and self-evidently at that, even supposedly "voluntary" servitude becomes unconscionable.

    This scam only continues, as well you know, until a large enough segment of the public become aware of this. Because the People, typically, do not favor being stolen from - and that's putting it mildly. They'll hardly continue wanting to swap debt that's been labeled value around, with the inevitable results to society. And when the trend continues, their motivation to restore the situation can only become, well, stronger. To pick a word quite out of the air.

    Kudos for your Hubs, A Little Truth. I'm definitely going to add you. Be well,

    - Satori