1776 foundation has been organized to help radically accelerate the GLOBAL awakening of humanity through:

Driving: Unlearning, re-education and passing knowledge forward: We will provide information and programs that help people separate the lies that we have all been told all of our lives from the truth about our real world.  Lies that we have all been told by so called "government" and the CIA Mockingbird media from our cradles to the present [cf. “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”  William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987; "A petty thief is put in jail. A great brigand becomes a ruler of a Nation." - Zhuangzi ].

Enable a personal awakening: 1776 foundation will partner, with educators, organizations and entities that can facilitate  transformative education programs. People emerging from these programs gain an awareness of the basic structures that have influenced and shaped what we know, how we think, how we react to people/events. This knowledge empowers people with a new level of understanding of themselves which can enable a fundamental shift in their lives. This training can open up new possibilities and opportunities for people. This is especially helpful to people taking on the challenge of transforming their life.

Help us build a world outside the Babylonian Talmudic Debt slavery system in which people can thrive and engage a global tribe of like minded people developing new solutions to bring about a Golden Age on Earth: 1776R© foundation is building and supporting all that is necessary to enable a freed global tribe of people and private non De facto institutions to operate outside the global de facto system. A global tribe of Free and Independent people that will be able to collectively develop the tools and services that will help the tribe develop  the goods, tools and services that we all require to go about our lives and to live Free and Independent from control as Sovereign people as was enshrined in the Declaration of Independence.  

The 1776 mission is focused on freeing of humanity from all De facto mechanisms of human bondage and slavery. This includes freeing the people on all nations including all America's fifty Free and Independent couped nation states on which some 329M people and counting, people have been enslaved shortly after birth without agreement, consent or lawful disclosure. Enslaved by being converted in to Internally Displaced People. 

The global debt slavery system is operated through Interlocking Corporate structures that are steered by criminal crime cartels in accordance with a New World Order Plan.  These families have foisted over humanity a parasitic Babylonian cult system that have bound nearly all people in to a Talmudic Debt Slavery system described by arch American seditionist and traitor here

1776R© foundation is organizing the development of the tools and systems required by an awakening global populous no longer willing to tolerate living under a system of lies and enslavement perpetuated on humanity by foreign agents of the Black Nobility satanic - criminal cult. 

1776R© foundation will empower an awakening conscious people through a variety of programs and technologies to help drive re-education, unlearning and the reclaiming of essential lost knowledge deliberately withheld from the people who have been deliberately lied to and dumped down over millennia by humantys' Old World Order controllers. Knowledge that was deliberately withheld from the global populous so controllers could further the enslavement of all people while ensuring that the people would never come to realize their full status, standing and capacity in the world and thus manifest their true and full potential in the REAL world. 

1776 foundation programs will help people discover their true purpose in the world without limits . Foundation members will become part of a  global movement of active knowledgable people looking to manifest the same intention stated here for all of humanity and most importantly, for our children. We believe its time for the awakened to trigger a new golden age on Earth.

1776 will appeal to those that want to do all in their power to leave the world a better place than we found it when we came in to this physical world. 

1776R© foundation is organizing to re-establish lawful we the people global governance, already underwritten through the blood of our ancestors, enshrined forever in the Magna Carta and the four Organic acts that founded The United States of America - unincorporated and the American Nations Union of We the people physical states (unincorporated) created under the Organic state constitutions. 

1776R© foundation will stand on the very foundations given to us by our forefathers, brothers and sisters to AGAIN throw off the same human parasite class that inflicted our forefathers before Americans through Off the Roman cult.

1776R© foundation respects the Organic rights of ALL people to choose their own organic governance systems and to restore those that existed before self declared De facto authorities’ violated Organic and Natural law systems to foist Roman civil law via Napoleonic codes on all people. 

Foreign rules and codes forced on us ib violation of our organic laws that created each of the Independent Nation states of America by banned foreign agents operating under a CROWN franchises. One that developed a Closed Union Shop legal monopoly in America ran by foreign agents that have forced their PRIVATE MUNICIPAL legal system on all people while masquerading as the lawful we the people  Justice system.

For example, in America and the British Isles and all commonwealth Nations the law of the land is Ancient Common law customs of England, which was adopted by the framers in America influenced by the Magna Carta and enshrined in the Declaration of Independence. This system affirms all People have rights under natural law and that all people are sovereign, free and Independent with unalienable rights not subject to the whims of any government (counterfeit or bona-fide), potentate or any other man made power on Earth.

The law can be summarized thus: 

  • Universal Law / sovereign law trumps all others. It can be stated as follows
  • No man or woman, in any office, governmental or otherwise shall initiate force, threat of force or fraud against life and property and, any and all contracts that I’m a party to not giving full disclosure to me whether signed by me or not are void at my discretion.
  • I may use force in self-defense against anyone that violates Law
  • There shall be no exceptions to Law 1 and 2.
  • Any act that violates Universal / Sovereign law is void and will be judged by the peoples peers in accordance with the people’s common law.

To violate these rights the Holy See - Crown legal system converted us through legal sophistry in to corporate legal PERSONS through incorporation enacted shortly after birth without our knowledge or consent! Such are the ways of the deviants running the global plantation system!

1776 foundation leadership recognizes that a foreign parasitic cult is currently at war with all of humanity and all nations on Earth and is currently engaged in the Genocide of humanity through numerous soft kill and hard kill techniques designed to Genocide away all but 500,000,000 people according to the message left humanity on the Georgia Guide Stones. 

1776 foundation leadership recognizes that a foreign parasitic cult has a grip all of us through POLIC'IES FORCED ON US BY current unjust De facto systems of global Governance, including the military Industrial complex, Global military,  ALL forms of governance from National forms to the UN - IMF and NGO's and all of which is operating across The United States of America and on each of the physical states including Global Banking, Media, global business etc. 

All proceeds collected by 1776R foundation through membership, donations, programs and gifts will be directed to the further the mission of the foundation as stated here: