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Surrey, England A&E Consultant exposes the truth on what is occurring in Surrey Hospitals (similar stories are being exposed world wide). COVID 19 is undeniably a NWO - Crown - Rockefeller [Gates - Fauci - WHO - CDC et al] Plandemic designed to usher in their NWO.

 .... at last .... Health Care Whistle-blowers in hospitals are now coming forward and speaking out... 


I should add that I have a unique perspective on the testimony below. A member of my family died in a Surrey Hospital allegedly of Corona! She was gravely ill  for a long time with other key morbidity issues yet the Death Certificate said she died of CV! 


Where we go one, we go all! If you know something say something ... 

See Title 18 U.S. Code §2, 3, and 4!



If the so called "Government and Media" can convince you there is a virus without any proof, then they own you... 



America just became communist China.... 



Tyranny is being imposed on us by the usual suspects... 



I wrote this document to bring to peoples attention the Surrey A&E testimony exposed below. I have seen similar testimony from other mainly Western Nations under the Thumb of Crown/Vatican/Rothschild's New World Order Shadow Government. Please go straight to the video and testimony here and then return and browse through the rest of this page....  

After processing the information I felt obligated to explain to you what I know of the situation that we all now find ourselves in. A position which is informed after my 15 years of research on those that manufactured the New World Order One World GOV ID 1984 Plandemic Psyop against 8 Billion people! Proofs of claims cited herein can be found throughout this article and resources listed herein.

Understand this, every evil I have uncovered over the last 15 years in every form going back millennia including genocide events across the world, USRael Corruption across America, the British Isles etc, US / UK Court Corruption, Global Usury Debt Slavery Banker Fraud and all forms of evil roots back to the same place: all actions of the Jesuit - Zionist Jew World Order Luciferian cult [Orchestrated by the Black Nobility Crime Cabal] a demonic cult of parasites who are forever at war with the rest of humanity and have been booted out of nations more than 100 times over the centuries for doing what they now do to America, Britain and all nations that they parasited control of! The same parasitic cult stands behind virtually every war and Plandemic! This includes the latest BLM, ANTIFA Soros Psyop: 

Every hard core investigator that has gone down the rabbit hole ends up at the same place... Jesuit - Zionist Luciferian cult V's humanity... 

Zionist World Order Outlined here:

Right now you are witnessing a Rothschild's - Crown - Vatican {Zionist Jew World Order] take-down of America [The World] and it appears Trump is going along with it! Why he has not buried the culprits behind the Rothschild's UN/WHO Plandemic is the question all Americans should be asking?

Why do I say this?

The WHO has been working with USRael De Facto Corp. Government to plan for their Plandemic upon us now for decades!

If you get to the above video you will understand Rothschild's New World Order [World Heath Organization is a Rothschild's Zionist creation - click here to see who is behind the UN, FED etc] are directing so called Government in America based on Rothschilds WHO Policy agreed with traitors to America in Office since the so called World War II which was a Zionist New World Order usurpation of the World to position the New World Order toward taking down the planet when technology permitted them to do so!

If you have not seen the two following videos, please watch and share to help you and yours appreciate the gravity of our situation and the time:

Its just a mask! -

The final decapitation of America and its people (under Black Nobility - Jesuit - Zionist Cabal control since the 1860's)

President of Ghana exposes Rothschild's  / Black Nobility WHO agenda:

We have long been been warned about the gathering Marxist [New World Order] threat facing America but no one was listening... or understanding that our nation was already usurped and under a Luciferian Cabalistic control system which has been organized to destroy America through collapsing the Talmudic Debt Slavery system illegally operating in America.  A fact that is only now dawning on people as they find out about the full extent of the Luciferian Cabal Cult crimes against the most innocent members of our society... (Pedogate, Human Trafficking, Torture, Ritualistic murder and worse) and the New World Order Genocide Agenda... DEGEL 2025 FORECAST THAT REPORTS AN 81% POPULATION REDUCTION IN AMERICAN BY 2025 [CF. PENTAGON BIO WEAPONS LABDEGEL 2025GUIDE-STONES ...].

In the following video, Reagan makes chilling remarks about plans of Democrats of his era. These words should now have  new meaning to waking Americans. When he states Democrats think 'Luciferian New World Order Criminal Cabal', one that has been running America since the 1860's from the shadows. Click image or link to access the video:



PubMed - study of 455 people exposed to a COVID Carrier - ZERO infections:  More facts dispelling Cabal Propaganda: 


When you start looking down the rabbit hole you will realize that Government and the mainstream media lied to us about everything! Its time to unlearn! Enough is enough!

Make no mistake about it, we are at war with an Invisible enemy and that enemy is not COVID 19... unlearn...  


Were they planning a Plandemic and a 5G Test in Wuhan?  See 2nd Wave text below referencing 5G...

Summary: Simple advice and information that all should know about what lies behind the fake news and lies of the Gov-Co. Talking Heads:


The latest Black Nobility man manipulated Soros Wuhan Lab - enhanced Corona Cold virus, which I will refer to from time to time as GOV ID 1984 was created by agents of the Roman Luciferian Cult and released to aid the cult to bring forward their millennia long planned One World Slave Government system. The current Plandemic plan almost word for word was spelled out in a 2010 Rockefeller foundation document referred herein (search Lockstep). The Plandemic is a 'problem reaction solution' Hegelian Dielectic tool intended to reshape global society through re-engineering global governance, from where we are at now, operating under the illusion of Democracy (even though Americans are guaranteed a Republican form of Government under our Organic foundational law systems) in to a Totalitarian Despotic Slavery System ruled by a satanic baby murdering Pedo cult.

Our nations have long been under the control of a Black Nobility orchestrated Cabalistic Shadow Government operated by very sick individuals.

Edward Mandel House revealed how America would be enslaved before the Usury Debt Slavery system was fully installed across America by traitor Roosevelt effected March 9th 1933. A time when all Americans were in effect made debt slaves to the Luciferian cult Bankers and legally operated on since as enemies of the state [Search this site: Emergency Banking Relief Act and Trading with the Enemy Act March 9th 1933]. Americans have been held in a Mixed War since the Civil War and preyed on by Luciferian Roman cult Bankers and their banned foreign franchised agents known as BAR attorneys that have operated a system of Lawfare against us for decades. 

The Plandemic has been designed to bring forward a One World Order Government and delete its world - wide opposition. This appears to include Trumps Presidency and Americans that stand on the principals that founded our nation. Rothschild's funded Soros has funded more than 200 organizations to oppose all those that stand in the way of this plan. Liberally retarded/indoctrinated - brainwashed useful idiots including those following BLM, Antifa et al have been stirred up to call for their own demise and oppose traditional Constitutional Americans. 

The NWO Gates Fauci virus will not kill those that are healthy. The Vaccine engineered by the controllers will likely do so through one means or another. 

All will likely get the so called COVID 19 Virus. Government cannot stop you getting it!

Educate yourself on healthy living. Boost your immune system so that when you get the virus, you get over it and get on with your life with minimal disruption.

Most importantly - unlearn - re-educate and pass knowledge on to all you know about the gathering threat! 

Resist wearing masks, social distancing et al. Do not consent! Masks will harm your health! See Info in this article to understand why. 

Those pushing the Plandemic as the greatest threat to our existence need to be arrested, tried and dealt with for crimes against humanity. Everyone should be mobilizing in this effort. The parasites behind this plan are few. They can not stop an awaking section of 8 Billion awake people!

The real virus is Shadow Government (the Luciferian Roman Cult - Black Nobility exposed at this site). They need to be dealt with once and for all. Organize and challenge their authority at every turn. As you unlearn - you will realize they have no authority! Those pushing the agenda acting as government are all actors masquerading as Government! They are not properly credentialled as government [No proper Oath, Bonds and many violating TONA]! 

Government actors / agents in America and the British Isles have been brainwashed to believe they have authority over you! They have absolutely no lawful authority to enforce Corporate rules and codes over you. Government can only violate your unalienable if you allow them to do so! No unalienable rights can be infringed upon without due process of law. Government Officers must operate under proper Oath / Bonds and should they try and exercise authority over you without these credentials then they are acting under color of law, color of office and color of authority and are liable for any harm that they cause personally! 

So called Government Codes and Ordinances DO NOT APPLY to we the people - they only apply to Government corps. and Gov Co. actors! 

Actors pretending to be government cannot mandate the making of a Ham Sandwich without lawful authority and process let alone tell you to socially distance, wear a mask or anything else! Do not take orders from brainwashed morons, even those they may be well meaning and think they are doing the right thing.

surgical / cloth masks can not stop the transmission of a virus which is why those manipulating viruses in labs wear space suits because cloth masks do not work to inhibit transmission of a virus! Do not wear a mask unless you need a baby blanky type substitute to give you the illusion of feeling safe ;-)

Everything you have been told about everything by Government and Media (i.e. Rothschild’s British Brain Washing Company (BBC), CIACNN, CIAMSNBC etc) all your life is a lie! Go unlearn all you were taught about everything!  Turn off the TV unless you want to find out what lies you are now supposed to believe by your local Luciferian Gov Co controlled cabal Corporation masquerading as a we the people Government.

Distrust De Facto Government Corporation actors at every level! Trump appears to be doing all he can to turn around 150+ years of the betrayal of Americans by the aforementioned cabal but he is surrounded by America’s enemies foreign and domestic that do not mean we the people well. We all hope Trump does the right thing for all but do not wait for Trump to save you or our nation / states. It is down to us. 

So far the Administration has failed to heed advice on Title 10 Section 253 and enforcement of the Organic TONA amendment through EO which could be used to drain the swamp over night (banning all attorneys for example banned from our nation since 1819). See BIN articles below for more.

People should form community solution hubs to help one another figure out a path forward to get through imbalance as we work together to terminate the influence of the Luciferian cabal over our lives and our nation! 

Make sure you and your communities are as self reliant as can be!

Get active in awaking all to the threats exposed herein / and exposed across Alt-Media and prepared to deal with the threats posed by 5G if not neutered by the Administration without further delay. Mainstream media scripted mockery masquerading as the "News":

To those that think Gov-Co would not lie to us -

 What does Tyranny look like. Here is a short vid from Melbourne where Police are blocking people in multi-story buildings! Only those with a dog are allowed out! This is denial of rights with out due process of law! Foreign Corporate goons think they have the right to inhibit the unalienable rights of the people. If this does not wake up the people I do not know what will [temp note - video may not yet be uploaded].

Remember Masks do not work ... they are about control and instilling fear... 



Please Bookmark these links for later investigation:


Video channel: or


Thanks to YK who brought the testimony exposed in the video below to my attention: The text following the first video below was posted with the Original Video Upload. 

Before I present the important Video all need to understand some hard to accept truths about the real world hidden from us!

The sad truth is that we are currently experiencing a Shadow Governance Psyop of a scale that the world has never seen before now. We are all being played by members of a global demonic cult: This latest Psyop is one that makes their 911 PsyOp seem insignificant!

Any Government Actor pushing the Plandemic needs to be brought to heel for crimes against humanity! Those pushing the Plandemic agenda are bought and paid for and can not be trusted. This especially includes those Governors locking down America. Such individuals must be considered useful idiots of the Global Talmudic Cabal moving forward the Agenda 21 - Agenda 2030 agenda outlined herein. 

If we the people do not expose / terminate this Plandemic, and bring those responsible for the Plandemic to answer for their crimes against humanity they will further escalate this PsyOp in to a planned world wide rolling Genocide event long ago designed to kill off 90% of humanity per their Agenda 21 / 2030 documented plans.

How much of the following agenda has been accelerated by GOV ID 1984 and the libtard Demoncrat Marxist agenda Roll Out post Plandemic?

Note: Talmudic Luciferian Bankers = Rothschilds (Vatican bankers since 1823) that created the UN Corp., FED Corp., that stand behind BIS, World Bank and other so called central Banks (make-up at end of page)

Rosa Koire. UN Agenda 2030 exposed -

At this time we are in the first phase of their planned Global Psyop that is part of their Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030 programs (See my video channel for more). Either this psyop ends with us taking down the parasites or they will move forward to genocide 90% of humanity. This is their long known plan ...  Please start by understanding Operation Lockstep and the NWO Agenda (see left margin - NWO-101).

The final deception of America by the Talmudic Rothschilds - Crown - Vatican - Luciferian Cabal: 

All need to be aware of the links at the NWO - 101 menu @ the Left margin of this site. Especially the two following. Remember as you read on, we are now face to face with the Babylonian Luciferian Cult that firmly stands behind the GOV ID 1984 PsyOp. This Plandemic is a move of the cabal to move forward their New World Order Death Cult One World Government.

The Plandemic is orchestrated by middle management of the NWO Luciferian Roman Cult. All Plandemic activities connect back to long known plans of the Talmudic - Luciferian Roman Cult! Gates - Fauci et al are acting as agents of the CROWN [Corp. of London] - Vatican Luciferian Roman Cult! More of their antics are exposed here: and in my articles at the bottom of this article uploaded to

Exposing Bill Gates:

Short News Segment exposing Gates:

WHO is a vaccine conglomerate created and owned by the Luciferian Cabal. The same Cabal runs De facto Government corporations around the World! The NWO GOV ID WEF, Rockefeller Plandemic was manufactured to force vaccines on humanity so that humanity can be annihilated and controlled!

Original Document:

The ones that manufactured the Plandemic already have their intended solution engineered solution [Problem - reaction solution]! Their engineered Solution is a DNA altering Vaccine! -


Be aware of Problem - Reaction - Solution aka Hegelian Dielectic! David Icke has done some great work exposing this also available in the video channel. 

I am just going to put my sweet little find here for you:
It is a book written in 1889 called "45 years of Registration Statistics, Proving Vaccination to be both useless and dangerous". It covers 45 years (so starting in the year 1844) the statistics of vaccine FAILURES including an INCREASE in death from other diseases once the blood has been poisoned by vaccination. They cover the health of the vaccinated VERSES the UNvaccinated.....bad news for the vaccinated...they were dying more from other diseases such as measles, mumps, smallpox and diphtheria because of a weakened countenance from vaccines. This was covered 128 years ago.
Oh and all you "The science is settled on Vaccines" People... They knew it was hurting mankind and that was their goal all along. To manufacture sick people.

Now you understand the above - look at this Gates Spoon Fed Scripted Interview: 

The Goal of the Plandemic is to stick you with a DNA re-editing vaccine and to load you with Heavy Metals that I believe will make people more susceptible to EMF (5G - XG) Radiation, an early Grave and other Mind Control technologies. The Vaccine is the death shot to humanity! Once vaccinated people will become GMO Humans! 

New World Order Middle Management. Tea boys to real Balck Nobility power so called elite. See link at top of page for more on the Black Nobility Luciferian cult!

Remember this is not the first time the Talmudic Luciferian cult has tried this particular Problem, reaction, Solution Psyop: 


President of Ghana exposes Rockefeller Global Psyop: 

The British Isles is being ruled by agents of the Luciferian cult that took hold of Britain in around 1815. America was re-consumed by the same parasitic Luciferian tribe in the 1860's. The World is now totally controlled by this parasitic Pedo baby Murdering Cult which gained control of our world through the fake money system and so called legal system now imposed over the world. One engaging in Lawfare and holding all under a system of "Mixed War" (See ).

The parasites have made their move to genocide 90% of humanity and enslave the remaining compliant drones! The home page on this site will tell you what you need to know about this millennia old conspiracy. and and the Video Channel was created to expose this cult and their One World Slavery System plans. Read at the NWO-101 link at the left margin of to understand how we ended up here! 

Just a few days ago I witnessed a serious Whistle-blower, Robert David Steel present his unquestionable conclusions that I had come to years ago about the Luciferian Roman Cults NWO usurpation of our world! My post to him in response follows:

Thank F$%*, someone finally said it! Good job RDS: Read @ - I have been pushing this out for several years! Our nation was taken over by the Zio - Jesuit Talmudic Cabal in the 1860's... very few talk about it! Regardless, great to see DS pump this truth out! Lets not forget though the ZIO's are tea boys in the grand scheme of things to the real power so called elite  - the Black Nobility Luciferian cult! More - 

 Now back to the heading. More on this Scamdenic - Plandemic below.... 

"Resharing so it doesn't get lost👍
Anonymous statement from an A&E consultant in Surrey.

Click link or Image to access video: Reposted Brighteon:

Original Video:


Released 08/07/20.

I am a consultant at a major , regional hospital in Surrey. By major you can take that to indicate that we have an A&E department. I had agreed to give an interview to an anti lockdown activist in which I would have revealed my identity. I have since changed my mind and only feel able to give an
anonymous statement. I have changed my mind simply because that all staff , no matter what grade, at all hospitals have been warned that if they give any media interviews at all or make any statements to either the Main Stream Press or smaller, independent press /social media we may, immediately be suspended without pay. I have a family, dependents and I simply cant do it to them. I therefore can not reveal my identity at this time but wish to state as follows:

In my opinion, and that of many of my colleagues, there has been no Covid Pandemic, certainly not in the Surrey region and I have heard from other colleagues this picture is the same throughout the country. Our hospital would normally expect to see around 350,000 out patients a year. Around 95,000 patients are admitted to hospital in a normal year and we would expect to see around a similar figure, perhaps 100,000 patients pass through our A&E department. In the months from March to June (inclusive) we would normally
expect to see 100,000 out patients, around 30,000 patients admitted to hospital and perhaps 30,000 pass through A&E. This year (and these figures are almost impossible to get hold of) we are over 95% down on all those numbers. In effect, the hospital has been pretty much empty for that entire period.

At the start, staff that questioned this were told that we were being used as ‘redundant’ capacity, kept back for the ‘deluge’ we were told would come. It never did come, and when staff began to question this, comments like, ‘for the greater good’ and to ‘protect the NHS’ came down from above. Now its just along the lines of, ‘Shut up or you don’t get paid’. The few
Covid cases that we have had , get repeatedly tested, and every single test counted as a new case. Meaning the figures reported back to ONS / PHE (Office for National Statistics & Public Health England) were almost exponentially inflated. It could be that Covid cases reported by hospitals are between 5 to 10x higher than the real number of cases. There has been no pandemic and this goes a long way to explain why figures for the UK are so much higher than anywhere else in Europe.
The trust has been running empty ambulances during lockdown and is still doing it now. By this I mean ambulances are driving around, with their emergency alert systems active
(sirens & / or lights) with no job to go to. This I believe has been to give the impression to the public that there is more demand for ambulances than there actually is. Staff only wear face coverings/ masks & social distance when public facing, as soon as they are out of public view, the masks come off and social distancing is not observed. Indeed jokes are made about the measures, and I have heard staff express amazement that despite warnings on packets and at point of sales, telling people masks are totally ineffective and dangerous , the public still buy them, because a politician has told them too.

We have cancelled the vast majority of operations and of these ALL elective surgery has been cancelled. That’s surgery that has been pre planned / waiting list. Non elective Surgery, this tends to be emergency surgery or that which is deemed urgent has been severely curtailed. The outcome of this is simple. People are at best being denied basic medical care and at worst, being left to die, in some cases, in much distress and pain.

Regarding death certification. All staff that are responsible for this have been encouraged where possible to put Covid-19 complications as reason for death, even though the patient may have been asymptomatic and also not even tested for covid. I feel this simply amounts to fraudulently completed death certificates and has been responsible to grossly inflating
the number of Covid deaths. The fact is that regardless of what you actually die of in hospital, it is likely that Covid-19 will feature on your death certificate. I have included with my statement the detailed published guidance from Government on Death Certification which shows how Covid-19, as a factor is encouraged to at least feature on a death certificate. Remember Covid-19 itself can not kill. What kills is complications from the virus, typically pneumonia like symptoms. These complications are in reality incredibly rare but have featured and a large amount of death certificates issued in recent months. As long as Covid-19 appears on a death certificate, that death is counted as Covid-19 in the figures released by the ONS and PHE. I genuinely believe that many death certificates, especially amongst the older 65+ demographic have been fraudulently completed so as to be
counted as Covid-19 deaths when in reality Covid-19 complications did not cause the death.

There have been Thursday nights when I stood, alone in my office and cried as I heard people cheering and clapping outside. It sickens me to see all the ‘Thank You NHS’ signs up everywhere and the stolen rainbow that for me now says one word and word only ; Fear.

There are many good people in the NHS and whilst I do not plead forgiveness for myself, I do plead for them. Most are on low pay, they joined for the right reasons and I did and have been bullied and threatened that if they don’t ‘stay on message’ they don’t eat. I know that if a way could be found to assure staff within the NHS of safety against reprisals, there would be a tsunami of whistleblowers which I have no doubt would help end this complete and brutal insanity. I am finding it increasingly hard to live with what I have been involved in and I am sorry this has happened. To end, I would simply say this. Politicians haven’t changed, the country has just made a fatal mistake and started trusting them without question.

VernonColeman nails it: "The only plague around is a plague of corruption"

Comments about the author:

  • Britain's leading health care campaigner" (The Sun)

    "Dr Vernon Coleman is one of our most enlightened, trenchant and sensible dispensers
    of medical advice." (The Observer)

    "Sharpest mind in medical journalism." (Daily Star)

    "His message is important." (The Economist)

    "King of the media docs." (The Independent)

    "Perhaps the best known health writer in the world today" (The Therapist)

    "Probably one of the most brilliant men alive." (Irish Times)

    "The patient's champion." (Birmingham Post)

    "Britain's leading medical author." (The Star)

    "An articulate and prolific medical author." (Sunday Times)

    "He writes lucidly and wittily." (Good Housekeeping)

    "Coleman is a very funny writer." (This England)

    "Marvellously succinct, refreshingly sensible." (The Spectator)

    "Compulsive reading." (The Guardian)

    "The doctor who dares to speak his mind." (Oxford Mail)

    "It's impossible not to be impressed." (Western Daily Press)

    "His advice is optimistic and enthusiastic." (British Medical Journal)

    "He's the Lone Ranger, Robin Hood and the Equalizer rolled into one." (Glasgow Evening Times)

    "Vernon Coleman writes brilliant books." (The Good Book Guide)

    " thinking person can ignore him. This is why he has been for over 20 years one of the world's leading advocates on human and animal rights in relation to health. Long may it continue!" (The Ecologist)

    "The man is a national treasure" (What Doctors Don't Tell You)

    "The revered guru of medicine" (Nursing Times)

    "Superstar" (Independent on Sunday)

    "Rogue elephant" (Sunday Times)

    "Gentle, kind and caring" (Western Daily Press)

    "His trademark is that he doesn't mince his words. Far funnier than the usual tone of soupy piety you get from his colleagues" (The Guardian)

    "I would much rather spend an evening in his company than be trapped for five minutes in a radio commentary box with Mr Geoffrey Boycott" (Peter Tinniswood, Punch)

    "Dr Coleman is one of our most enlightened, trenchant and sensitive dispensers of medical advice" (The Observer)

    "What a brilliant, informative website this is!" (K.I. by email)
    "If I could write, my words would be just like yours. (Your site is) the most interesting thing I have read in years. Thank goodness for the internet. If it is only good for one thing, being to educate ourselves, then it is worth it" (S R-B by email)

    " have a magnificently well designed site. The content is superb." (G.C. by email)

    "It is not often that a site impresses me so much that an email of appreciation is in order, but your site is quite exceptionally good. Jam packed with information, neatly tidied away, yet accessible with good signposts, well laid out, easy to navigate. In short, the sort of design that many would do well to inspect and copy." (D.T. by email)

    "...yours is a superb body of work and you are a 'must read' author for anyone who cares about their health and that of their loved ones. I am bookmarking your site from now on!" (G.G. by email)

    "What a truly wonderful site - and writing. I've been mesmerized." (K.L. by email)

    "Great site and fantastic information." (Jenny by email)

    "I find your website very enlightening." (E.S. by email)
    From TT:  I absolutely love this old man in the chair 
    The entire GOV ID 2020 is a an undeniable New World Order Luciferian Cult crime against humanity and those responsible need to be tried and shot / hung! 
    The entire Plandemic is a fiction created by Military Psychological  Warfare  techniques. The fact is, COVID is no more dangerous than the flue:
    The Cabal operated Government has dumbed down Americans so that they no longer understand the law or their unalienable rights... they needed to do this so the people would think they were subject to the whims of Government actors when they are not! 

    “Where rights secured by Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them.” - Miranda v. State of Arizona, 384 U. S. 436, 491 (1966)

     “Sovereignty itself is, of course, not subject to law, for it is the author  and source of law; but in our system, while sovereign powers are delegated to the agencies of government, sovereignty itself remains with the People, by whom and for whom all government exists and acts."...  "For, the very idea that man may be compelled to hold his life, or the means of living, or any material right essential to the enjoyment of lifeat the mere will of anotherseems to be intolerable in any country where freedom prevails, as being the essence of slavery itself"  Yick Wo v. Hopkins, 118 U. S. 356 (1886) [bold and underscore emphasis added]

    “We said in Boyd v. United States, 116 U. S. 616, 630, 6 Sup. Ct. 524, and it cannot be too often repeated, that the principles that embody the essence of constitutional liberty and security forbid all invasions on the part of government and its employees of the sanctity of a man’s home and the privacies of his life. As said by Mr. Justice Field In Re Pacific Ry. Commission, 32 Fed. 241, 250, ‘of all the rights of the Citizen, few are of greater importance or more essential to his peace and happiness than the right of personal security, and that involves, not merely protection of his person from assault, but exemption of his private affairs, books, and papers from inspection and scrutiny of others. Without the enjoyment of this right, all others would lose half their value.’”  Interstate Commerce Commission v. Brimson, 154 U.S. 447, 479 (1894)

    The U.S. Supreme Court, in  Scheuer v. Rhodes, 416 U.S. 232, 94 S.Ct. 1683, 1687 (1974) stated that "when a state officer acts under a state law in a manner violative of the Federal Constitution, he "comes into conflict with the superior authority of that Constitution, and he is in that case stripped of his official or representative character and is subjected in his person to the consequences of his individual conduct. The State has no power to impart to him any immunity from responsibility to the supreme authority of the United States." [Emphasis supplied in original].




Make no mistake - we are being tortured by the Global Plandemic Psyop! This is further exposed here by Amazing Poly:


Why did the rioters not rip this statue and others like it down?




I have written about the culprits extensively, articles are here:

The question is, is the 2nd Wave 5G induced: 

From Reddit:

More links:

NWO Plandemic Business Model -

Yup - same sick F%^&$ pushing the GOV ID 1984 Plandemic - It was never about keeping us safe ... Gov ID 1984 was designed to bring forward the Talmudic New World Order - Gov just obsoleted itself per Dec of Independence... Search DuckDuckGo for "Operation Lockstep"


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 Who is the UN?

"I care not what puppet  is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain's money supply controls the  British Empire and I control the British money supply." It also controls the FED and the UNITED NATIONS who's original ownership is found below (click hyper link). 

 - Nathan Mayer Rothschild

FEDERAL RESERVE Money System (same are behind the UNITED NATIONS Corporation):

Rothschild Bank of London
Rothschild Bank of Berlin
Warburg Bank of Hamburg
Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
Lazard Brothers of Paris
Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
Goldman, Sachs of New York
Lehman Brothers of New York
Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York

Now you know why UNITED STATES (USRael Corp.)  gave $233.7Bn to Rothschilds Israel over six decades? 

The "UN" is a corporation founded in France several years before the United Nations Charter was ever created. And here, for your edification, are the Principal Parties of Interest driving the "UN Agenda"----- Current version UN Corp dba World Bank dba FEDERAL RESERVE --- 52% owned by Rothschild Bank of London and Berlin; 8% owned by Lazard Freres Bank of Paris; 8% owned by Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy, 8% owned by Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam; 6% owned by Lehman Brothers of New York; 6% owned by Kuhn Loeb of New York; 6% owned by Chase Manhattan/Rockefeller Bank of New York; 6% owned by Goldman Sachs. (There may be some changes in ownership(s) since this list was compiled, but the above is accurate for the most part.)

Rothschilds British Brainwashing Company Global Psyop 2001:



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