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Published on Oct 23, 2018




Richard McDonald

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In order for you to understand the full import of what is happening, I must explain certain laws to you.

When passing new statutes, the Federal government always does everything according to the principles of law. In order for the Federal Government to tax a Citizen of one of the several states, they had to create some sort of contractual nexus. This contractual nexus is the "Social Security Number".

In 1935, the federal government instituted Social Security. The Social Security Board then created 10 Social Security "Districts". The combination of these "Districts" resulted in a "Federal area" which covered all the several states like a clear plastic overlay.

In 1939, the federal government instituted the "Public Salary Tax Act of 1939". This Act is a municipal law of the District of Columbia for taxing all federal and state government employees and those who live and work in any "Federal area".

Now, the government knows that it cannot tax state Citizens who live and work outside the territorial jurisdiction of Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 (1:8:17) or Article 4, Section 3, Clause 2 (4:3:2) in the de facto Corporate U.S. Constitution which are bye laws of a private UNITED STATES corporation e. 1868 - 1871 which are not to be confused with the Organic We the People Constitution 1789.

So, in 1940, Congress passed the "Buck Act," (4 U.S.C.S. Sections 105-113). In Section 110(e), the Act authorized any department (As in CORPORATE Sub corp.) of the federal government to create a "Federal area" for imposition of the "Public Salary Tax Act" of 1939. This tax is imposed at 4 U.S.C.S. Sec. 111. The rest of the taxing law (not real law...for it was created by a Corporation with out we the people authority or delegation, it was created by a bunch of men that took it upon themselves to create an imposter government with out word to the America people that would have hung, drawn and quartered the domestic terrorists, seditionists, traitors) is found in the Internal Revenue Code which is the code of another private foreign corporation that has no we the people authority, just another foreign Puerto Rico corporation. The Social Security Board created the fictional "Federal area" overlay.

"4 U.S.C.S. Sec. 110(d). The term "State" includes any Territory or possession of the United States."

"4 U.S.C.S. Sec. 110(e). The term "Federal area" means any lands or premises held or acquired by or for the use of the United States foreign Federal Corporation or any its corporate Federal sub corps aka departments, establishment, or agency of the United States; and any Federal area, or any part thereof, which is located within the exterior boundaries of any State, shall be deemed to be a Federal area located within such State."

There is no reasonable doubt that the "federal State" is imposing an excise tax under the provisions of 4 U.S.C.S. Section 105, which states in pertinent part:

"Sec. 105. State, and so forth, taxation affecting Federal areas; sales or use tax.

"(a) No person shall be relieved from liability for payment of, collection of, or accounting for any sales or use tax levied by any State, or by any duly constituted taxing authority therein, having jurisdiction to levy such tax, on the ground that the sale or use, with respect to which such tax is levied, occurred in whole or in part within a Federal area; and such State or taxing authority shall have full jurisdiction and power to levy and collect any such tax in any Federal area within such State to the same extent and with the same effect as though such area was not a Federal Area

Irrespective of what the tax is called, if its purpose is to produce revenue, it is an "income tax" or a "receipts tax" under the Buck Act [4 U.S.C.A. Secs. 105-110]. Humble Oil & Refining Co. v. Calvert, 464 SW 2d. 170 (1971), affd (Tex) 478 SW 2d. 926, cert. den. 409 U.S. 967, 34 L.Ed.2d. 234, 93 S.Ct. 293.

Thus, the obvious question arises: What is a "Federal area"? A "Federal area" is any area designated by any agency, department, or establishment of the federal government. This includes the Social Security areas designated by the Social Security Administration, any public housing area that has federal funding, a home that has a federal bank loan, a road that has federal funding, and almost everything that the federal government touches through any type of aid. Springfield v. Kenny, 104 N.E.2d 65 (1951 App.).

This "Federal area" attaches to anyone who has a Social Security Number or any personal contact with the federal or state governments. Through this mechanism, the federal government usurped the Sovereignty of the People, as well as the Sovereignty of the several states, by creating "Federal areas" within the boundaries of the states under the [purported] authority of Article 4, Section 3, Clause 2 (4:3:2) in the federal Constitution, which states:

"2. The Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States, and nothing in this Constitution shall be so construed as to prejudice any claims of the United States, or of any particular State."

[IDP Comment, consider that the UNITED STATES created by the Act of 1871 was a municipal Corporation without any chain of title to the four Organic Acts that founded America or the Union or the Independent physical states. It could only ever have Jurisdiction of the District of Columbia. Lets call this UNITED STATES Pinky and Perky Corp. Now Pinky and Perky Corp. created STATE Corps, lets call them PINKY PERKY 1 - PINKY PERKY Corp 50 - the UNITED STATES calls these STATES. US Citizens are private members of Pinky Perkey Corp, and members of the PINKY PERKY Corps 1 - 50 ] . 

Therefore, all U.S. citizens [i.e. citizens of the District of Columbia] residing in one of the states of the Union, are classified as "property", as franchisees of the federal government, and as an "individual entity". See Wheeling Steel Corp. v. Fox, 298 U.S. 193, 80 L.Ed. 1143, 56 S.Ct. 773. Under the "Buck Act", (4 U.S.C.S. Secs. 105-113), the federal government has created "Federal areas" within the boundaries of all the several states.

These areas are similar to any territory that the federal government acquires through purchase, conquest or treaty, thereby imposing federal territorial law upon all people in these "Federal areas"Federal territorial law is evidenced by the Executive Branch's yellow-fringed U.S. flag flying in schools, offices and all courtrooms.

You must live on land in one of the states in the Union of states, NOT in any "Federal State" or "Federal area", nor can you be involved in any activity that would make you subject to "federal laws".

You cannot have a:

valid Social Security Number,

"resident" driver's license,

or a motor vehicle registered in your name.

You cannot have a "federal" bank account,

a Federal Register Account Number relating to Individual persons [SSN], (see Executive Order Number 9397, November 1943),

or any other known "contract implied in fact" that would place you within any "Federal area" and thus within the territorial jurisdiction of the municipal laws of the Couped de facto foreign Congress.

Remember, all Acts of the couped corporate Congress are territorial in nature and only apply within the territorial jurisdiction of couped DC Congress. (See American Banana Co. v. United Fruit Co., 213 U.S. 347, 356-357 (1909); U.S. v. Spelar, 338 U.S. 217, 222, 94 L.Ed. 3, 70 S.Ct. 10 (1949); New York Central R.R. Co. v. Chisholm, 268 U.S. 29, 31-32, 69 L.Ed. 828, 45 S.Ct. 402 (1925).)

What the couped Corporate congress did was created a fictional TWO LETTER "Federal State within a state". See Howard v. Sinking Fund of Louisville, 344 U.S. 624, 73 S.Ct. 465, 476, 97 L.Ed. 617 (1953); Schwartz v. O'Hara TP. School Dist., 100 A.2d. 621, 625, 375 Pa. 440. (Compare also31 C.F.R. Parts 51.2 and 52.2, which also identify a fictional State within a state.).

This fictional "State" is identified by the use of two-letter abbreviations like "CA", "AZ" and "TX", as distinguished from the authorized abbreviations like "Calif.", "Ariz."and "Tex.", California state, Washington state all of which designate the physical states etc. This fictional State uses ZIP Codes which are within the municipal, exclusive legislative jurisdiction of Congress.

This entire scheme was accomplished by passage of the "Buck Act", (4 U.S.C.S. Secs. 105-113), to implement the application of the "Public Salary Tax Act" of 1939 to workers within the private sector. This subjects all private sector workers (who have a Social Security number) to all state and federal laws "within this State", a "fictional Federal area"   overlaying the land in California and in all other states in the Union [IDP Comment: As in: not real, pretend, like the silly false reality games you made up when you were a small child playing in the play ground with other 4 year olds; as an invention of delusional desperate parasitic BUREAUCRATS .... but today treated "as if " it were real and lawful by millions of self serving employees of the foreign bankrupted DC based Pinkey and Perkey Corporation that have developed a crack addict like habit for stealing from the American people without lawful right because they get a Pinky and Perky Corp Pay Check funded from the theft off of the American people].

[IDP comment - meaning if you designate your Address as CA 12345, or WA 12345 et al., then YOU ARE placing yourself in their Overlay fictional STATE OF STATE  or FEDERAL STATE!] 

In California, this is established by California Form 590, Revenue and Taxation. All you have to do is to state that you live in Calfornia state. This establishes that you do not live in a "Federal area" and that you are exempt from the Public Salary Tax Act of 1939 and also from the California Income Tax for residents who live "in this State".  

If you use their Zone Improvement Plan Address TWO letter designation or ZIP then you are putting yourself in their FEDERAL ZONE. 

The following definition is used throughout the several states in the application of their municipal laws which require some form of contract for proper application. This definition is also included in all the codes of STATE OF CALIFORNIA, STATE OF NEVADA, STATE OF ARIZON, STATE OF UTAH and STATE OF NEW YORK:

"In this State" or "in the State" means within the exterior limits of the State ... and includes all territories within such limits owned or ceded to the United States of America."

This definition concurs with the "Buck Act" (supra) which states:

"110(d) The term "State" includes any Territory or possession of the United States."

"110(e) The term "Federal area" means any lands or premises held or acquired by or for the use of the United States or any department, establishment, or agency of the United States; and any Federal area, or any part thereof, which is located within the exterior boundaries of any State, shall be deemed to be a Federal area located within such State."

Do some research. I have given you all the proper directions in which to look for the jurisdictional nexus that places you within the purview of the federal government.

IDP NOTE: See IDP page: Definitions, “in this state” “in the state”

Going forward:

Never use their ZIP, correct them when they do!