Vested means fixed; accrued; settled; absolute; complete. Having the character or given the rights of absolute ownership; not contingent; not subject to be defeated by a condition precedent. Rights are "vested" when right to enjoyment, present or prospective, has become property of some particular person or persons as present interest. See: Favot v. Kingsbury (1929) 98 Cal. App. 284, 276 Pac. 1083; see also: Constitution of the State of California, Annotated, (1946) Complied by Paul Mason, Published by direction of the “CALIFORNIA LEGISLATURE”, printed in California:

>>Accrued Rights codified:>>Cal.Code.Civ.P..Sec.8,1898.  >>Calif.Labor.Code.Sec.4. >>Calif.Gov.Code.Sec.4. >>Cal.Veh.Code.Sec.4. >>Calif.Public Res.Code.Sec.4. >>Calif.Corp.Code, Sec.4>>