Several links, pictures and videos posted on this site are being blocked from viewing from England! This means that armies of government employed goons are sitting in a cave somewhere marking up and tagging images and media on the web to determine what you can know and what you must not know! The principal information being blocked at this time concerns the HolyHoax which is a monumental LIE fabricated to enable the Zionist parasitic cult to continue to thieve of the rest of the world. The lies were used to justify other Zionist Occupied Governments to force Germany to pay war reparations for things that never happened. The same lies were used to justify the theft of Palestine and to thieve BILLIONS from Americans who were made to feel sorry ZIONISTs that manufactured virtually every war since the 1700's. The ROGUE state of Israel has been created on the theft of other peoples money which has been justified by the suppression of ZIONIST lies! Suppressing Israeli - Mossad Global Terrorism and Genocide (USS Liberty, 911, Building 7, Palestine Genocide et al);  Talmudic doctrine at the root of the enslavement of SEVERAL BILLION people who are being warred upon by so called Black Nobility.  Those that control the Rothschilds: UN Corps., Corp of London (aka Crown), US Corps., EU Corps., Holy See - Vatican world governance systems (Zionist Occupation systems).

The video being blocked below for example exposes the Babylonian Debt Slavery System ILLEGALLY foisted over the people of the world and supported by an equally corrupt legal system controlled by the Crown. The videos that you may not be able to see at this site exposes exactly what the BOE, BIS, FED have ILLEGALLY imposed over the entire world population, systems that you are not supposed to know about or understand.

If you live in the British Isles your ZOG owned foreign CORPORATE Occupation Governance does not believe that you are capable of parsing such information for yourself and making your own judgment on the facts as you find them! What could they possibly be afraid of other than you may discover some inconvenient truths about the ongoing occupation of England, The United States of America and all nations. Your ZOG rulers would rather you not be researching the truth about the real world in which you live and that which has been kept from you by your STAZI styled NWO De facto governance services Corporation companies masquerading as We the people governance.  

You will find more about the lies and illusions that we are presented with daily on the following page: 

  In light of the above blocked video let's hear from Abby about life in Occupied Palestine aka Israel: Martin: