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Alternative view to mainstream Zionist Christianity that breaks down the foundation of the Bible, debunking the history of the Jews and the people of Israel. 

Below you will find four incredible videos dispelling the Jewish lie that Jews are Gods chosen people!

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The Not So Chosen People part 1- REUPLOADED -

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The Not So Chosen People part 4 *The Phoenicians* - 

About Us:
Jews For Hitler was born from a group of friends who routinely debate over politics, religion, and history. Our group is made up of French Canadians, Eastern Europeans, and Jews who are trying to re-examine the past and find the missing pieces of this mysterious puzzle we call "history".  The founder of Jews For Hitler is a French Canadian half-Jew who converted to Christianity and operates Jews For Hitler alone.  The contributors of Jews For Hitler include people from all parts of the former Soviet Union; some who come from Jewish parents but have no connection to the religion of Judaism; some who are Orthodox Christian, as well as some agnostics and even some atheists.  Jews For Hitler also receives a lot of information and help from it's online supporters who have contributed countless hours in the same pursuit of searching for the truth.Jews For Hitler is not a race hating group.  We believe that all people and nations have the right to preserve their culture and traditions as long as it does not infringe on free speech and the freewill of others.  We believe that people who wish to live in diversity should be allowed to practice their views, as we believe that people who are anti-diversity and wish to preserve their culture and people should be allowed the same right. By learning the truth about our past, we can better understand our present, and from that we can properly prepare for our future.We believe in a debt-free banking system and in conservative family values.  Our goal is to spread awareness about the dangers of usury, as we work towards building  a debt free, drug free society, based on the morals and values which upon our ancestors founded our Western nations. Thank you & Gott Mit UnsJ.F.H.